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s/o Mother's Day

Does your DH get you a gift? Assuming your kids are too young to know what day it is and aren't giving you something.

DH has just finally gotten good at getting Christmas and Birthday gifts. He barely remembers his mom's birthday and wouldn't think of giving her something if I didn't do it for him. So, no. I am not expecting anything. Also, I get that I am not his mother. Last year I used Mother's Day as an excuse to buy new shoes.

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Re: s/o Mother's Day

  • We are always more "doers", mainly because we both are evil consumerists and buy ourselves what we want anyway.

    So we go to brunch.  He coordinates with my mom and dad, so we can treat her too, because she is such a help to us with the kids.

    I love brunch - it is better than jewelry. 

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  • DH does not buy me a gift but my older kids usually make me something in school and give it to me for Mothers Day.

    We always buy our mom's gifts and visit with them on Mothers Day weekend. It is more about them than me. My first Mother's Day I was all bent out of shape because I spent the whole weekend shopping for our moms and visiting with them but then I grew up and realized our moms won't be around forever. My MIL usually gets me a gift though cause she is sweet like that!
  • Not usually. As I said in the other post, I never expect gifts on special days. (That being said, it's not that DH doesn't give me gifts. It's just that they come randomly, not on days society deems as special.)

    Therefore, I assume that our children won't even when they are old enough. 

    Personally, I don't get the "I'm not his mother" argument. To me, it's a day to honor all mothers who are special to you. 
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    No idea what he'll do - this is my first Mother's Day.

    He's good at birthday and Christmas gifts. We don't do gifts for anything else - maybe just dinner or a day out for anniversaries, etc.

    I'd really just like a quiet day spent as a family - no work, no cleaning, no yardwork. Just laying around all day, making breakfast together, maybe going to the park and playing with the baby... I don't have very high expectations, lol.

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  • He normally gets me a small gift from him and the kids, last year it was new earrings. I told him all I want this year is to actually sleep in, not wake up with the baby and then try to go back to sleep when DH is up, and breakfast in bed.

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  • He usually does, but I said not to this year. I wan to take two huge family vacations next year so we are saving for that. We are doing lunch at my favorite restaurant and it is the first time we have taken the kids with us so I am excited for that. The kids will make me gifts at school and preschool.
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  • He usually plans an outing and/or a meal out. We don't celebrate on Mother's Day because he has to work. Same for Father's Day. 

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  • Not really. He more let's me go do something I want. This year I'm getting a spa package. It's an hour massage, an hour facial, and a mani/ pedi. I get wine and fruit while I'm there. 
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  • I guess technically he got me a gift last year. I sent him a link to what I wanted last year (a little necklace with a pearl and two heart charms with his initial in one and DS's in the other.) I likely would have got nothing had I not emailed him exactly what I wanted.

    This year I told him I want to get a facial or a massage, but I know he hasn't organized it yet so I'll have to remind him. Probably multiple times.

    He is a horrible gift giver. I buy all the gifts for our families. I've learned to not get my hopes up and to just tell him what I want if I want to get anything.

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  • lisamoelisamoe
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    Last year I got a "Mom" charm for my Pandora bracelet.

    This year, I've been saying I want to get a prenatal massage.  I'm thinking this is what I'm going to do for myself.  I asked DH not to get me anything, because I will do this for myself for mothers day this year


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  • Yes. Since DS was too young to actually pick anything out last year DH went and bought me a few things and just put DS and SS names on it. This year I think he is taking DS with him to "pick" something out. He will also get me a card from him for being his kids mom. We also go to church and then brunch with my mom, dad and brothers. 
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  • Nope.  If he lets me sleep in that day...I am good!  He is not my child.

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  • Sometimes, if he knows there is something I would really love, he will get me a gift.  Our anniversary was earlier this week so it is always close to MD.  A couple years ago he arranged a sitter and we went to a Phillies game.  He gave me a gorgeous cocktail ring from my favorite jewelry store.  That was an anniversary - MD combo

    But I don't mind if he doesn't - I know how much he appreciates me.  I would rather him only do it if he has something really great in mind.  He feels bad this year because he has to work.  

    I do the same on FD - if I come up with a great idea I will get it, but there is no pressure 

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