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Car feeling too small....

I drive an '08 Chevy Malibu, which is a decent sized car. However it's starting to feel cramped to me. I only have one son who will be two in June, but it just doesn't ever seem like there's room enough for everyone. We're looking at getting a Tahoe or a Yukon for more space and possibly more seating. Does anyone else have this issue? Or if you drive a Tahoe or a Yukon how do you like it?

Re: Car feeling too small....

  • I have a Kia Soul and my wife drives a PT Crusier.  These are both small mid-size SUV type cars and we don't have any problems with our son who will be two in June.  There is times when we have a fourth passenger and still don't have a problem.

    I would look at more a mid-sized SUV before jumping to the large SUVs.

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  • I've looked at midsize SUV's in the past, and I just didn't like them as much. Shortly before we conceived our son we looked at both a Traverse and an Acadia, and I liked neither. I'd like something optional third row seating that would still have cargo space.
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    I would also look at a midsize SUV.  We took our car seat with us when we were shopping for a new/used car.  I got an older Jeep Liberty and it has ton more seating/comfort space than our truck.  I can pick up my girlfriend both of us ride  with 2 rear-facing car seats, strollers, bags, and have room for shopping stuff.  Plus her H was able to sit between the girls and wasn't super crunched. Really shop around.
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  • That is quite a jump from a Malibu to a Yukon or Tahoe!  I had an '04 Malibu and going from that to a Jeep Grand Cherokee ('08) at the time was quite a huge difference.  I now have a '12 Grand Cherokee which has more space than the '08 did and I am in love and it is plenty of room for my family of three...lots of leg room, the car seat fits just fine, plenty of cargo space, etc..  A friend of mine recently got an '11 or '12 Durango (used) which is similar to the GC, but has a third row.  A co-worker leases a new Honda Pilot every so many years and loves it...it has the third row as well.
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