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Ovary Pain

First an intro:

My dh and I are beginning to get ready to ttc number 2. We plan to start in July. I just came off bcp which I have been on since I stopped breastfeeding about a year and half ago. This is my first cycle off and I have been charting but not using opk's. I also charted before I got pregnant with my ds. I am very excited to start the ttc process.

Now for the problem:

Like I said, I just came off bcp. Around cd 10 until now (cd 17) I have had a pain in my right pelvis area. I remember having pain when I was ovulating before I had ds but this has lasted for a week. I also haven't ovulated yet according to my temps and I really didn't expect to this cycle because I just got off bcp, this also happened before we ttc for my ds. It isn't terrible pain but it is constant. I was thinking it might be my ovaries beginning to work again but a friend suggested it might be a cyst. From my research cysts aren't abnormal nor are they a reason to run to the dr. I am worried it might affect ttc but most of what I have read says not to worry. Just wondering if anyone had this pain in the first months off bcp or had ttc with cysts. I plan to call the dr if the pain continues next cycle.

Any insights? 

Thanks in advance ladies!


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Re: Ovary Pain

  • Welcome! 

    Ever since going off BCP 8 months ago I have had cramping/pain throughout my cycle. . Usually it start right before I ovulate and lasts until my period arrives. I'm obviously not sure if its the same as what you are feeling though. Now that I am focused on TTC I feel like I notice everything in regards to my body more. 

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