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Transitioning to Crib & using a Pacifier

My daughter will be 3 months on Wednesday, and we just transitioned her to her crib from a RNP in our room over the weekend.  Last night, she made it all night in the crib, which is great, but she woke up probably no fewer than 5 times for her binky.  Only two of those times was she actually crying, the others she was just awake and making little noises, but seemed content (though I'm not sure if it would've escalated into crying eventually).

 My question is, should I be running in to replace the binky when she's awake, or should I be waiting for her to cry?  I definitely think she's too little to CIO at this point, but maybe I should let her cry for a minute or so to make sure she wouldn't just soothe herself back to sleep.  The reason I've been so quick with the binky is because I'm afraid she will get herself too awake and no longer be able to sleep through the night.

Has anyone transitioned their baby to a crib while using a pacifier?  If so, did they tend to wake up more for the pacifier at first and then get adjusted to sleeping in the crib? Or am I going to always be wearing down a path on the carpet running from our room to hers?  Any advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Transitioning to Crib & using a Pacifier

  • We were in a crib from night one but have also always used a pacifier. When it falls out sometimes he wakes up sometimes he doesn't. If I wake up and hear him I go in and put it back in his mouth. The first couple nights he did it like 4 or 5 times then he started sleeping through the night. We just went through 4 month wakeful where he was waking up a lot for it and i had to nurse him once a night for a couple days. Now we're back to normal. I would say if you hear her on the monitor getting upset go in and put it in her mouth. If she seems content leave her alone
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    We just started putting DD in the crib for nights this past weekend. She's been napping in there during the day for about 1.5 months, which probably helped with her transition. But we've played the binky game. We can pretty much predict when she's going to wake up and when she stirs we get up a couple times to pop binky back in and see if that helps her fall back asleep. Usually it does, but if she keeps spitting it back out or starts to cry, then it's food time.

    Our pedi told us if she wakes early to just wait a few mins and see if she puts herself back to sleep. I never let her CIO or even really cry at all, but sometimes if you just let her lightly fuss a bit she'll realize she's still sleepy and self soothe.

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  • I'm struggling with this myself.  She's been in her crib since she was 8 weeks but a lot of times she wakes up and needs the paci to fall back asleep, so that means I have to get up and put it back in.  I wait until she cries or when I can tell she's about to get mad lol 

    Some nights I have to do this 5 times, other times she never needs it put back in.  My theory is that if she's in a good deep sleep without the paci in her mouth, she won't need it put back in.  but if she's having a bad night and had a hard time falling asleep initially, she'll need it put back in. 

    I'm just hoping she learns to replace the thing soon herself.

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