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Over it

I'm so over being pregnant.  I really shouldn't complain because I had a super easy pregnancy, but holy crap, I am ready for her to be out of me.  I didn't think I'd make it to 40 weeks.....

I really am happy for all of you mommas who've had your babies already, but every time I read another story or post of "she/he's here!!" I am absurdly jealous.

Not to mention my Dr. has told me for the past 4 weeks that she wouldn't let me go past next week and we'd induce Wed/Thurs.  Now because they didn't get it scheduled with the hospital it might not be till Monday, May 6.

I am one big b!tchy whinefest today.  Sorry.

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Re: Over it

  • I'm over it too. I am actually at work today (for 12 hours, as a CNA). I didn't say anything when the schedule first came out since I honestly didn't think I would still be pregnant at this point. Today is my last day and I don't have a baby to start my leave with Crying. I keep having signs that labor could come at any moment, just to go to bed and wake up and start it all over again. I wish he was here!

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  • I hear you 100! Currently six days overdue!!! The waiting is terrible...
  • I'm not even overdue yet and I feel like I am going crazy. It's not that I am miserable with pregnancy, but I am just tired of waiting! To think that I could be waiting for another 1 TO 2 weeks is unimaginable!
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  • I'll totally join your pity party. I could have written this post myself word for word. I just left the gym trying to shake her out, but it seems to no avail. I'm really hoping that she's just holding out for tomorrow because she wants her sister to be able to celebrate her last birthday as an only child today. Hopefully our LOs will come by Monday!

  • 2 days to go and yeah, I'm definitely in the same boat. My pelvis feels like it's going to crack in half at any moment, I'm having contractions all day long that go nowhere and then all of the other awesome stuff that accompanies the end of pregnancy-I've never wished for pain before (except with my daughter) but I wish labor would just happen already instead of stalling out every day!

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  • FX baby comes soon!!
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  • Only one day overdue and over it. I go may 5 if he doesn't come before. Ugh I hope he comes on his own!
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  • I hear ya! I am 4 days overdue.  It seemed like I had more symptoms that baby would be here 2 weeks ago than I do now!  Going a little insane.
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