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3 hour wash, rinse, repeat

My DD's pediatrician suggested I make sure she ate every 3 hours as an infant, and I also took the advice of EASY on the fly without doing much research about it at the beginning. My DD has stuck to the 3 hour routine since it was implemented and rarely will it alter. Only if we are out and about and she won't sleep even if she is tired. This being said at 5.5 months is this a problem? She only takes 45 minute naps. She doesn't seem over tired during the day. She sleeps thru the night again after the 4 month wakeful knocking on wood right now.
My gut says this is all ok since she is a happy baby for the most part. Are your babies like this? I like the routine because it makes it much easier to figure out what is wrong when she starts fussing. Less guess work. We can be busy doing something and she will start fussing and I'll check the time and realize she's been up for 2 hours and know that she's tired and get her down for a nap. Or if she fusses earlier than that I know it's usually her diaper.
Anyhow, just wondering.
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Re: 3 hour wash, rinse, repeat

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