Help! Biting, scratching, pinching baby!

DS has pretty much always "kneaded" my boobs while he eats, which is annoying but tolerable. I do my best to distract him but I'm covered in scratches. He has recently started biting, which is not tolerable. He has 2 bottom teeth and he bites then pulls his head back. I'm in so much pain and not enjoying nursing anymore, I have major fear and anxiety everytime I need to nurse him. He does it pretty much every time.

 Has anyone been able to stop this behavior and continue their BFing relationship? I don't want to quit, ds is only 6 mos but its so terrifying for me. I've been putting him down and ignoring him for a couple minutes when he bites but he thinks it's cute. Any suggestions? I need help!  

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Re: Help! Biting, scratching, pinching baby!

  • I know this may sound horrible but my SIL had the same thing happen to her with her DS and she tried taking him off the boob and ignoring him but it didn't work.  

    She said what worked for her was the next time her DS bit her, she yelled "Ou

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  • I think I'm going to have to try that.I've been reading that you should try NOT to scare the baby but ignoring him isnt working. It seems like he thinks it's a game. He bites, I take him off, put him down and he smiles then cries after being ignored fo

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  • The initial biting phase sucks :(

    I used to yell. Not on purpose, but because it hurt and that was my initial reaction when my innocent little angel suddenly chopped. I would unlatch her and go "No. No bite mommy. Bite makes mommy sad. No more mi

  • We had a similar issue.  Tried most of these but also when I knew he was going to bite/starting to pull back I would push him not breast and say no. He usually broke the latch before biting. Then we start again 
  • Thanks ladies. I'm hoping we get this figured out soon. I can't take it much longer. I even considered EPing for a while today but I dont have the patience or the dedication for that. I'm way too lazy!

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  • When my daughter started doing that... After a few times I would loudly say ouch loud enough to startle her but not scare her and put her on my knees facing away. I only had to do it a few times and she stopped.
  • I tried setting him down, I tried saying no, no, that hurts mommy, I tried stern talking a bit louder. None of it worked. I found a site that said to pay attention and push their head into your breast when they bite which will cause them to unlatch so I s
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  • My LO usually bites when she is done nursing and is just sucking for fun/comfort. If I put her down when she isn't actively nursing anymore she doesn't bite. HTH.
  • He hasn't bit for the last few sessions so we're doing better. We were also out of town, staying in a hotel for nights and a hospital during the day for the last 3 days so I think that was contributing to the biting. We're home now and it's going much bet

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