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I've got to be the worst mom ever..

So, for the past few weeks LO has been dealing with his wakeful period and teething and we have had some pretty bad thunderstorms here in KS and he refuses, I mean absolutely REFUSES to sleep in his crib, and we have even tried his swing and that doesn't work. So we have been co-sleeping no problem. Before this whole mess he would take a nap with me after his 5am feeding too so we have both been use to co-sleeping.

But, last night...I became the worst mom ever....LO rolled off the bed. I felt him start to roll and I tried to catch him but he slipped out of my arms. Thankfully we have carpet, its not a big drop and LO seems to be fine. No bruises, bumps, or even scratches and he is acting normal. I however, am a complete mess. I feel horrible. I don't even know how it happened. It happened so fast and I feel like I am the worst mom in the universe. I hope that he truly is completely ok. But, now I am freaking out for him to sleep with us again and he wont sleep anywhere else right now. It looks like a few sleepless days for me. =(


The worst mom ever!

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Re: I've got to be the worst mom ever..

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