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OB didn't tell me- low-lying placenta?

Hey guys, quick question on being informed I guess...

I switched to a midwife practice at 26 weeks. Before that I was seeing an OB that I wasn't in love with, but had no professional qualms about. Apparently, though, his office JUST faxed over the last of my chart/records to the midwifery clinic (I am 35 weeks), and there was some weirdness there.

My 18-week ultrasound shows a low-lying placenta. The tech didn't say anything. And my doctor NEVER brought this up to me. I understand that a low-lying placenta usually moves out of the way as the uterus expands, but my midwife explained to me that they (legally) need to do another ultrasound to confirm that it has indeed moved up. Why would my doctor not tell me this might be a concern?

I'm just kind of wondering if anyone has any experience with this or similar, and if it's weird that he didn't tell me. My only thought is that it was low-lying enough for the ultrasound tech to put it on my chart, but not low enough for the doc to think it was a true concern. But still, if my midwife is telling me it needs to be checked, why wouldn't I know about this before now? 


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Re: OB didn't tell me- low-lying placenta?

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