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Ran out of I used...

SOOO my twin prego brain was in full force a few hours ago and I ended up using my ds last diaper. When I saw my son hiding in his corner to take a poo I went to his room to grab another diaper from my stash and realized oh great I am out. 


I cleaned him up and searched for a clean towel/rag and also forgot that I never started the dryer on the load of towels I did this afternoon. Damn another load of forgotten laundry needing to be rewashed. 


I looked in the closet for an alternate solution and saw maxi pads from when I had my ds for the postpartum part of delivery.


Needless to say I concocted a diaper out of pads dashed to the store and bought diapers and new pajamas since the pads leaked a little while he peed on the way to the diaper aisle. I am awesome. LOL. What an experience! 

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Re: Ran out of I used...

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