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Also I hate food.

So few things appeal to me. My cravings are so unhealthy that I dont want them after I think about it. And then everything else seems blah.
Seriously I just want to wake up and have this baby so I can go back to not wanting taco bell, slurpees and French fries.

Re: Also I hate food.

  • I know all the books say to avoid junk food, but it really is ok to indulge yourself here and there.  The other night, half my plate was tator tots.  I just couldn't get the thought of them out of my head until I ate them.  Most of the time
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  • I don't eat fast food though. It's not a "treat" for me. I used to eat it but I just "know too much" about the industry that I would feel guilty forever for eating it especially while pregnant.
  • I have been living on potatoes...any form: baked, tater tots, hash browns...I am still throwing up and my aversions have been really bad...I just try and get my PNV down, and some fruit here and there...honestly, if it stays down, it is all I care about..
  • My motto is if it goes in, it's a win. I have said that many times on here. Eating what you can is 100x better for you than not eating, at least during pregnancy.
  • I'm the same way but all I want is Chinese food and slushy!!! And I still get sick all the time, so I have been just eating what I'm craving so at least it will stay down and I can stop losing weight!
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