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What were your marriage requirements?

I could not think of a better way to word this. When it came to the type of man you choose to marry? What were your must haves? What were your deal breakers?
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Re: What were your marriage requirements?

  • Requirements were a job/good work ethic, be a mature adult and childless.  Smart and a love of travel.  Deal breakers -debt, child like behavior, workaholic or any very time consuming hobby that they were obsessed with.
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  • I started dating the boy who would eventually become my DH when I was 14 (one day from 15) and he was 16 (three weeks from 17).  So, at that point, marriage was the farthest thing from my mind.  We stayed together through college at UVA, and

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  • My top three:

    That he had a good job and a strong work ethic. I wasn't about to marry a lazy bum.

    That we agreed that we wanted children and had roughly the same number in mind.

    That he treated me and the women in his family with r
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  • I never had a list of requirements, but in retrospect I suppose the most important thing was mutual respect. I also wanted a man who worked hard for whatever he wanted in life. And who worked hard for me. And I wanted a man who respected women. And a man
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  • That I was in love with him, and I knew he loved me.  That's it.
  • I started dating DH the fall of my freshman year of college, so I wasn't dating as a 20something, working, college grad. 

    What I "required" was: an intelligent, motivated, realistic, funny, christian, kind, respectful, family-oriented, trave

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  • Well, I don't know that I sat down and made a list, but comparing DH, who is pretty much exactly what I want for a H, with the other schmucks I dated:

    Must haves: supportive, funny, appropriately behaved in social and one-on-one settings, takes r

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  • He had to be a Christian and hard worker. He had to be mature. There were a lot of obnoxious "drive through the drive through backwards" kind of guys my sister dated. I was not going to marry one of those. He had to be respectful to me and other women

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  • Must haves were someone big on family and wanted kids, respectful, dependable, ethical and who treats me as a 100% equal partner.

    Less important, but still important, was being reasonably ambitious, someone who takes care of their things, and ca

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  • Someone who doesn't need a mother.

    Someone who is much of a sarcastic *** as me.

    Done done.
  • Wants kids, cares about health/fitness, and the sex had to be good.

    Deal breakers would be someone who didn't want kids, abusive...aside from that I don't really know.

    I always thought I'd never marry anyone who didn't love to read as much

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  • This question is so fitting for today LOL

    I have a revision to mine:

    *Once, just once, side w/ me instead of MIL, I AM YOUR WIFE ; )


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  • Requirements - Kind, passionate/driven, succesful (I don't mean this in terms of making $, I mean this in terms of an ability to succeed and be happy with whatever his passion is, you know?), loves to travel, accepting, thinks I am the bees knees even

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  • You know -- I never really had "requirements".  I think I met DH too young for requirements, and wasn't looking for a husband when I met him.

     The joke in college was I liked guys "big and dumb".  The big is true -- I'm tall, and I

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  • I wanted somebody I was attracted* to and would make a good father. Somebody I could have fun with and depend on. Oh and couldn't be a Republican or an Auburn fan.

    ***The type of man I am attracted eyes, dark hair, loves sports {footbal

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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • I didn't ever pursue marriage. I always envisioned life single. I was terrible at dating. Only after I'd been with DH did I realize I wanted to marry him.

    Still, when it came to dating I had zero tolerance for disres

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  • DH and I started dating when I was 17 and he was 18. Within that first year two horrible and traumatic events happened to me. He stood by me throughout it all and was so strong for me to lean on and supportive. I knew then that he would never leave me and


  • I had very high standards because I wasn't going to just settle. I wanted to choose wisely. Good work ethic/job, same religion as me, would be supportive of me quitting my very good paying job to become a sahm once we had children, respectful towar

  • Someone who was driven and had a career and an education.

    Someone who could make me laugh.

    Someone who could provide a life of security.

    Someone who respected me. 

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  • I wanted someone motivated, who respects me and who loves children. The only true deal breakers were a bad temper and lack of patience...I fully admit that I'm a handful, so those things wouldn't have worked.
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  • Things that attracted to me to my SO:

    Good with kids.  Happy with his job situation.  Good family. Attractive.

    I was married before and those were the things my ex-H was not. 

  • Since its UO opinion day...

    I don't get writing off a guy with a child, provided he is being a good, responsible father.

    I get not wanting to deal with the drama, but I am also having a hard time believing I would have wrote DH off if he ha

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  • DH and I met when we were in our early 30's, so I had lots of time and bad dates  to figure out what I wanted and what I didn't want.  I knew that to be in a successful long term relationship/marriage, I had to be with someone with a sense of

  • I never had a 'list'. In fact, I had a terrible 3 yr long relationship with a bipolar guy who repeatedly stole money from me, had no car, couldn't keep a job, and had a terrible relationship with his family. When I finally ditched him I was VERY single fo
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    Since its UO opinion day...

    I don't get writing off a guy with a child, provided he is being a good, responsi

  • Must haves: Intelligent, funny, easy to talk to. Similar political and religious beliefs. Similar views on money. Similar views on future family. Steady employment history. I preferred someone who didn't already have kids but that wasn't a automatic de


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  • I didn't really have a list I just needed to have a spark, and he had to treat me well and bd s good man.

    Deal breakers were obviously abusive. And then smoker, heavy drinker or bad hygiene etc.
    CJ :-)
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    Since its UO opinion day...

    I don't get writing off a guy with a child, provided he is being a good, responsi

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  • ta78ta78
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    I don't know if I ever had a list. I wanted someone who was kind and funny, good looking, close w his family and got along w mine, and laid back/easy going. Also someone who was supportive, liked my friends, and had ambition.

    I was in a terrible

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