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My LO is just about 2 weeks old. I am on maternity leave for 12 weeks so I will be with him till the 1st/2nd week of June. I am breastfeeding and it is going well. But when I return to work he will be going to a daycare, and I will be pumping and he will get a bottle (w/ breastmilk). My LC told me in the hospital (if I remember correctly) not to start pumping till he is 3 weeks old. Pedi told me Monday not to wait to much longer to try a bottle with him because sometimes, if you wait to long, LO might refuse a bottle and only eat from breast. This would be a huge problem. So my question for breastfeeding moms heading back to work at some point,
1-When did you start pumping?

2-How often do you have DH give LO a bottle?

3-When is the best time to pump?

Also, LC told me not to give LO a pacifer for 1st 3 weeks so it doesn't mess with breastfeeding. I'm not sure if I am going to be using a pacifer yet. LO likes to suck on his hand once in a while but he's not too fussy, and he doesn't use my breast as a pacifer. BUT pedi said a habit of hand sucking is harder to break because you can't get rid of a hand but you could throw away a pacifer.

What are your thoughts on that theory??

And how old was your LO when you gave them a pacifer??

I know a lot of questions, but I'm a FTM and have no experience with this and want to make good choices..


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Re: Bottles and Pacifiers

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    I started pumping at two weeks. I'm a teacher and won't go back to work until August, I started so DH could help me feed at night.

    DS was given a bottle in the hospital. We also have him a pacifier at 2 weeks. He has never had an issue with

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  • DD has trouble latching on my right side (we're getting closer to having it worked out) so I've pumped that side a few times right from the beginning.  I've given her a bottle like 3 times just to use the few ounces I pumped.  I don't worry t

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  • Every baby is different. With DS1, he had a bottle on day 2 in the hospital due to low blood sugar (and I repeatedly passed out trying to feed him, so he wasn't nursing). I started pumping right away since he wasn't nursing, and when we got home and he

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  • With dd i first offered the bottle at 5 or 6 weeks. She hated it. She rarely took a bottle once i went back to work. She would take just enough to hold off her hunger for the first 6 months. That meant she nursed pretty much all evening and night. Sh

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  • I started pumping to build a freezer stash around 2-3 weeks and he had his first bottle at 4 weeks. My younger daughter had her first bottle at 6 weeks (my older daughter had issues nursing and I exclusively pumped for her). Both took bottles without a

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  • I gave my LO a pacifier from day one and she didn't have any nipple confusion. She's now 9 weeks and could take it or leave it.
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  • I started pumping at 5 days because he wasnt getting enough to eat just through the breast at first and honestly, I LOVE IT. At first I'd breastfeed them bottle feed him then pump and record it all and how many wets and poops he had. that's a ton of wo

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  • I started pumping the day she was born in the hospital. She also was given a bottle either the day she was born or the day after. I think we gave a pacifier around 2 weeks. We have had no issues at all. I pump at the midnight and three am feeds while DH g
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  • I started pumping right away when I got home the hospital and DD took a bottle starting at about 2 weeks. We had no issues with going back and forth between bottle and breast and we gave her a bottle about every other day. She had a pacifier from day 1. E
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