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Baby Movements

I don't think I've felt anything yet. However I have felt two things that make me wonder.

The first one, sometimes I get a pushing sensation right up below my ribs, but its a pushing not a pulse. It just a push that doesn't stop until I push back at it. BUT I don't think it's gas, I really don't for even a second. It's not dependent upon what I have eaten. I KNOW it isn't gas! 

The second thing is an electric zap type of feeling, in the same spot the pressure is I have just started feeling this tingling in one tiny area. Its not quick, it's just sort of a low dull tingling.

But I have no idea if these could even be movements, its way up under my ribs. Maybe 4 inches above my bellybutton, and this is the only spot I'm feeling anything.

Is this movement? I don't think it is but am anxious to feel SOMETHING because I haven't since I felt her "swimming" about a month and a half ago. 

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