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Surgery Friday - Spazzing

So I haven't cancelled my surgery for Friday yet.  Right now I'm planning to proceed as planned and just hoping I get my period tomorrow.  

I talked to the nurse at the hospital for a bit yesterday after she called to get a family health history and she said the doc who is doing my surgery is meticulous.  She said the lap is going to take 3 hours and that my doc and another doc (I believe a urologist???) are going to be looking not only at my reproductive organs, but also checking over/in my bladder, bowls, doing a hysteroscopy, as well as the usual HSG, etc etc.  She was explaining that he not only removes the endo, but also the tissue surrounding the endo and anything that he feels looks like it could grow endo or looks questionable.      

I'm freaking out.  Like, seriously having really bad anxiety about this.  My laps in the past have been 45 mins to an hour max.  I'm am absolutely dreading this, yet at the same time I know this is the right move and I really should have gone to him from day 1 instead of wasting my time having my regular OB do the surgeries.  I've read online that people travel from all over to see this guy and that he is the best in this area.  I've read he also travels overseas to do these lap surgeries.  I trust him.  I know I'm in good hands.  I'm thrilled that I actually got in with him before he retires.  I'm just totally stressing out!  I hate this.       

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Re: Surgery Friday - Spazzing

  • Hugs. That does seem like a lot so I can see why you are freaking out. Ts and Ps headed your way.


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  • I can understand the freak out but it seems like he'll be so thorough which is a step in a very good direction. I'll be sending tons of T&Ps for you for peace, a successful surgery and a BFP in your very near future! 

    Hugs lady! </p

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  • It sounds like you are in the best hands :) but I think whenever you have a longer surgery & you are going under anesthesia it makes you nervous.  Try not to stress & think how you will feel when you are all recovered.  Best of luck
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  • Will send a prayer your way that everything goes well.  It sounds like he knows what he's doing but I understand your being nervous.  Try to keep calm and good luck to you!

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  • Sending lots of T and P. sounds like you are in good, thorough hands. FX for all good things.
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  • He IS the best.  You'll do great and then you are one step closer to #3!
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  • I know it sounds scary, but once you are under anesthesia and in the OR you won't know the difference between an hour or three hours. Sending tons of thoughts andprayers that AF shows and that everything goes smoothly on Friday!!!
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  • Sending you hugs!  Try to relax not not stress about it, I know, easier said than done.  
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  • I totally get the is scary stuff!

    FWIW, both of my laps were over 5 hours.  Granted, it was for different stuff (mainly huge cysts) but you'll be fine.  You want them to take their time! I also had a urologist there to do

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  • image Pnut30:

    I totally get the is scary stuff!

    FWIW, both of my laps were over 5 hours.  Granted, it was

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  • image Pnut30:

    I totally get the is scary stuff!

    FWIW, both of my laps were over 5 hours.  Granted, it was

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  • Sending lots of t p's your way, hope your surgery goes great and you get lots of relaxing in afterward.
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