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39 week blues!!!

I am just having one of those days!!  Everything and everyone is annoying me!  I've been crying for no reason!!  I feel mad, sad, annoyed, miserable, fat, etc....  I think partly some of it is due to thinking yesterday was the day when I lost my MP and started having contractions.  But LO decided it wasn't time.  I am just so ready for this to be over with and tired of everyone asking me about it and giving me their opinion of when they think he will get here!!  Thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: 39 week blues!!!

  • I have had a few days like this myself of late and they aren't pleasant.

    When is your next appointment?

    I lost my MP over the weekend too - and have had a dull lower back ache the better part of the past 2 days..... Although I am still

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  • awwww, I completely understand..even though I'm only 37 weeks and 2 days along...My husband took me to the store to walk around so that he could have his baby. lol :) but i've just had some BHC not anything real that I know of.  I have a doctor's app
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  • Hang in there, you're almost there!

    But, I know how you feel. I walked all day downtown on Saturday hoping things would progress. I ended up losing my mucus plug (no blood) and feeling a bit crampy. I've only noticed some mild contractions too.

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  • I feel your pain. My LO appears to be incredibly comfortable in the womb. I havent had any contractions, no bloody show, no MP...pretty much no nothing! I've been trying all sorts of "old wives tales" to move things along but so far to no avail. I even

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  • Thanks everyone! Just feels like there is no end in sight!!! Which I know isn't true. I hate feeling this way and I know my boyfriend hates when I have these days also! I go back on wednesday for my next appt.
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  • I'm kind of feeling this a little too.  Over the past few days everyone is posting on my fb about their guesses for due date and size of baby and for some reason it bugs!  At first its neat and then it spreads like wildfire and everyone starts d

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  • I am feeling the same way!!! Its time to come out baby lol... the movements are nice but when shes pushing out it really hurts... no MP or blood over here.. no contractions and just waiting. Also, have retained so much water and gained A LOTTTTTTTT of wei
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