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So I am about 12 and a half weeks along, went in for an appointment today and seeing how my Zofran isn't touching my nausea or vomiting at all, missing work like crazy, and I lost another 5 lbs this week.... My OB would like to try phenegran for my nausea. So I say sure, then get home and google it and it says it is Class C....is this going to be something safe for me? Anyone else ever taken this?
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Re: Phenegran....

  • Phenergan is a class C because it has not been shown to cause harm when tested on animals. OB's prescribe Phenergan to SEVERAL patients and have so for SEVERAL years. I took it with both pregnancies. You can ask your OB if you are scared to take it, but I
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  • I asked my OB about promethazine (phenegran) this past appointment as I have to take it occasionally for severe vertigo. He said that although it was classified as Class C that it is prescribed often to pregnant women with severe nausea. He said if it was
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  • I took it, and still have some just in case.  But if I didn't have it my vertigo, sea sickness, motion sickness WAS HORRID.  So far at 30 weeks baby is fine :)
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