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Pail vs Bag?

Have any of you simply used a PUL diaper bag instead of a lined pail for dirty dipes in your nursery? I'm debating just getting a bag to hang on the back of the door. TIA!

Re: Pail vs Bag?

  • With DS I started with a pail and liner but switched to a hanging wet bag. This time I'm going straight to a bag. I just like them better and find them to be less messy.

  • That's all we use. We have 5 hanging wet bags, one for our room, one for her room, 2 for day care and a spare works for us.
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  • OK great! I think I'm going to scrap the pain and go straight to the bag. Thanks for the tips! Are there any you recommend specifically? I like the idea of one with a zipper on the bottom for laundry reasons.
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    Our second babe will be CD'd and will share a room with DD1. We are rearranging the room to manage to fit another crib and bigger dresser and there's very little room for a pail. I was thinking of doing a hanging bag behi
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  • Do the bags give off an odor? Anyone use the FuzziBunz hanging pail? Is it a single layer PUL, or doubled? 

  • Planetwise is what we use and we only have 1 big bag for the nursery so it gets washed every other day. It has held up fantastically. Sometimes I notice an odor but it usually has more to do with I need use an extra rinse in my wash cycle for the dipes be
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