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Mean Toddler?? Anyone else??

So my lil man has just recently started hitting-mostly me but his dad and his brother some trying to get him to stop and so far he does stop when told...but i was just wondering if anyone else was going thru this?? and what have you done to get urs to stop??
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Re: Mean Toddler?? Anyone else??

  • Reminder to use words when frustrated. That hurts mommy and try not to make a big deal.  I've noticed my daugher does it to her daycare provider/others when she is transitoning to go home from the fun that is there.
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  • She's starting to understand "hurt" and "Owies" so I go with that angle.  We don't have this problem often, but when she gets a little too agressive I just say "Ow!  That hurts Mommy!" a little louder than my usual voice and it startles her enough for her to get it.  And sometimes we'll do "kiss it to make it better", as a way of apologizing.  Admittedly though, she's not a very aggressive or adventurous child so these instances are pretty rare.
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  • Audrey only hits her sister. They will be happily playing then all of a sudden she smacks the baby in the face. We started doing time outs but I'm not sure they are working. Basically she hits sister, says 'time-out', then runs to the time-out chair. Although she went from hitting her several times a day to now just once or twice a week. 
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  • DD hits me sometimes. She never hits DH but she will try it with me. If I say "Mommy owie!" she laughs. So I have to say " Mommy Turt!" Because thats how she says Hurt. Weirdly enough when YOU say turt to her she says hurt back lol
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  • Our daughter is hitting us sometimes too. She hasn't really hit other kids though. We usually grab her hand and tell her "no hitting". I tell her if she does it again she won't get whatever we were going to do next (ex: "no book before bed if you kick me again", while changing her diaper), and if she does it again she doesn't get what I said she wouldn't get.

    But mostly she has started being bossy to the dog and other kids. She tells them no and stuff. I pull her away and tell her she is not the boss, etc. If she takes something from someone I take it back from her. Etc. Its really hard to figure out what is working and what's not. Sometimes I feel like nothing I do is working when she is being mean or in a bad mood.

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