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Ladies with gestational diabetes

I was just told I hae gestational diabetes and started following my meal plan. Just wondering if you have any good snack or meal suggestions to share. Bonus points if they are quick and easy. (sorry for typos, I am on my iPad.) 


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Re: Ladies with gestational diabetes

  • I just was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago so I might not be too much help--but my favorite is an apple with peanut butter.  Sting cheese is quick and easy too with a piece of fruit.  I also love hummus and veggies.
  • There are lots of us over on the high risk board (though not all doctors treat GD as high risk if you're diet/exercise controlled). :) Come say hi, you may have to go through a few pages but there are usually quite a few GD posts per page.

    You may want to also look through Babycenter's GD group, they have tons of snacks, menus, meals, etc.


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  • Had it with my first.  Blogged on it through my pregnancy:


    Link to first post.  I think the 3rd post has more info on what I could eat and in what combos.

    I did a lot of smoothies, ate a lot of cheese and nuts, did froyo, etc.  PM me if you have more questions, happy to help. 

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  • I usually eat eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast. I love the Nature Valley Protein bars for a snack on the go. Or fruit and a piece of cheese or almonds. Lunch I usually eat a sandwich on whole wheat bread or a wrap. Dinner usually a meat, veggie and a small portion of whatever carb everyone else is eating (potato, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc).

    GL, it's a pain, but it gets easier as you go along.



  • I went to a diabetes specialist and they gave me a ton of ideas. For me for snacks I have 30 grams of carbs and they want me to have a carb and a protein. 

    The best quick snack I usually have everyday is chobani greek yogurt b/c it has the carb and protein in it . Some others are 1 cup low fat cottage cheese and 1 cup fruit, cheese and crackers, apples (I buy the bags of sliced apples b/c its easier for me) and peanut butter, yogurt and almonds, oatmeal with nuts. The other day I was craving rice crispy treats so for snack I had a hard boiled egg and a rice crispy treat. As long as you have the protein and right amount of carb you should be good.

    At first I was confused and had to work at it harder but now it more or less comes natural. GL It will be fine!

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