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Luke's Homebirth :)

I am mostly a lurker and have only posted a couple times, but I wanted to share my son's birth story because I loved reading everybody else's :)

Our team green baby was due February 13th, but didn't decide to make his big debute until February 18th. My husband and I had walked a lot the day before to help encourage things along and I ended up waking up Monday morning at 3am with contractions about 7 minutes apart and lasting a minute. My husband woke up at 4am and started to time them with me. They were eventually about 5 minutes apart and we decided to text my mom, who was planning on making the 9 hour drive to our house from out of town, and the midwife.

The contractions stayed a minute long, and went to about 4 minutes apart and then spread out to 7 minutes again. I wanted breakfast, so my husband went and go me some breakfast tacos which I proceeded to throw up. The midwife said she could come whenever we wanted her too and my husband started to fill up the birth pool and get everything ready. I was having a harder time dealing with the contractions and was spending a lot of time on my hands and knees. My husband was worried that he wasn't going to be able to help me cope, so he finally convinced me that we should have the midwife come. 

I don't know what time she got there because I wasn't paying attention to time, but when she arrived she offered to check me and see where I was at. I agreed and it turned out I was already dilated to 6cm and the baby was low. I had to have my husband with me when I had contractions from this point on and the midwife was really helpful in telling him what he could do to help. I tried to eat a snack and then I had to use the restroom. The midwife told me to try to stay on the toilet for a contraction, but I couldn't deal with the much pressure and had to have my husband come and help me through it. I then threw up again. In my mind I was thinking that I was probably going through transition, but I wasn't sure. 

I then decided to get into the birth pool to see if that helped and my husband got in his suit and hopped in too. The contractions were getting much closer together. The midwife and my husband kept on saying that the contractions were just a minute, but I remember telling them that they were too close and I needed more time to rest. At some point the midwife checked me again and I was fully dilated. No one told me to push though, they just waited until I eventually felt like it. At the end they were asking me questions and I couldn't answer them, I had to focus my entire attention on getting the baby out. Once I actually started pushing the time went by quickly and it seemed like I had more time to rest. Baby arrived very soon at 3:44pm after a couple of big pushes. He wasn't a big cryer and just laid on my chest looking at his new world. My husband got to discover that our first child was a boy :) I only had a small tear and didn't need stitches.  

My mom and my in-laws arrived a couple of hours later after they had gotten everything cleaned up. Luke is nursing really well, although my milk hasn't come in yet. I am super happy we chose a homebirth and I get to recover in my own bed with my baby and husband :) Good luck to everyone else :)  

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