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insomnia/anxiety after birth

Hi all.. just had baby on Sunday and ever since she came I've yet to sleep. I have this unexplained anxiety that doesn't go away and then i cannot sleep at all. My baby has a great sleep pattern already waking every 3 hrs. So youd think I could sleep while she does. But I cannot sleep!! I climb into bed exhausted and then I dont fall asleep. I can feel the exhaustion and effects on my body and I can't do this much longer! Need advice ladies.
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Re: insomnia/anxiety after birth

  • Call your doctor and see what they would suggest; probably a sleep aid medication...

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  • It does get better, I did not sleep at all the first week, even when he slept, I just sat there and looked at him to make sure he was ok. I'm still anxious and nervous about him, but I am finally sleeping at night when he does. Good luck!
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  • I would definitely mention it to your doctor.  It could just be part of the baby blues/hormones, or it could be something more.  Either way, it's best to let your doctor know so he or she can help you keep an eye on it.  PPA is horrible.  I managed it without realizing I had it, and this time I am on medication and ooooooh my gosh the difference is astounding.
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  • It's probably hormonal.  I've had anxiety throughout my pregnancy and have chatted with my dr about anxiety medication post baby just in case.  There are several that are BF safe.  Lack of sleep can make anxiety a TON worse so you might want to take a small dose of something like Valium at night just to put you to sleep.  Once you get one sleep I imagine you'll feel a ton better!
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