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/:Vent. I'm so mad at myself.

I think I have retained plecenta after my c-section and I'm really mad at myself for not going and getting it checked out sooner. I'm being stubborn b/c i didn't want more medical bills, and another u/s would be about $1,000 because i'll have to pay this year's deductible. :(

I'm 14 weeks PP and I'm still having really dark brown, almost black spotting... I have to believe it's retained placenta trying to expel. I called at about 8 weeks PP and they told me they'd like to do an ultrasound to rule it out, but they told me if I really wanted to wait it out, I could wait another 12 weeks. I just hope I'm not wrecking my chances for another baby. I read somewhere a woman with retained plecenta was told if she doesn't get it surgically removed, it could form scar tissue and cause problems for another pregnancy. If this happens to me I'm going to be So mad at myself.

Like I said, this is totally just a vent. - Thanks for listening - 

I need to just call my doctor and stop worrying! .... Peace of mind worth another $1K after all our other medical bills? ... I guess so !?

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Re: /:Vent. I'm so mad at myself.

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