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***** HDBD *****

How far along?

Team pink/blue/green?


Weight gain?

How are you feeling? 

Re: ***** HDBD *****

  • How far along? 38w, 1d

    Team pink/blue/green? Green

    Cravings? Nothing in particular

    Weight gain? +25 as of last week, I'll get weighed again today

    How are you feeling? Emotionally, excited and terrified at the same time! Physically, I really can't complain. I think I've even been sleeping a tiny bit better.

    This was yesterday: 


    PCOS with long, irregular cycles
    First round of Clomid in May 2012= BFP #1, DD born January 2013 
    BFP #2 in January 2014, DS born September 2014


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  • How far along? 37 weeks, 1 day

    Team pink/blue/green? pink

    Cravings? none

    Weight gain? 45

    How are you feeling? achey, cranky, very irritable. I almost bit the head off an old lady yesterday while I was trying to exit an elevator. She proceeded to tell me which floor I was on. NO KIDDING, that's probably why I was trying to get off! My poor DH was trying not to laugh, but this woman kept barging at me with her wheeled walker and I had to go pee. Isn't there a protocol that you allow the occupants to exit first??? Being as old as she was, you would think she would have known this. God I'm biitchy.

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  • Here's hoping this is my last HDBD! We're seeing about induction today for next week :)

    How far along? 38w1dTeam pink/blue/green? blue!Cravings? Nothing major, but I still REALLY enjoy spicy foods!Weight gain? +33

    How are you feeling?  Pretty miserable! Chiropractor can only keep my pelvic/back pain away for a few days before I want to crawl back to her, I've had a few nights of false labor, where I'll go to sleep fully hoping the contractions will pick up and wake me up when it's go-time, and I wake up in the morning with nada. I'm ok with that, I really want to wait till 39 weeks, but this last week is going to be a struggle mentally!


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  • image lylahlove:

    How far along? 39 wks, 4 days

    Team pink/blue/green? green

    Cravings? just food in general

    Weight gain? + 28?

    How are you feeling?  Eh, getting tired of waiting and wondering when!  Sorry no pic. I posted one last week and probably look the same. Smile

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  • How far along? 37 weeks

    Team pink/blue/green? blue

    Cravings? sweets, but I am really trying to control myself

    Weight gain? +20 lbs as of 2 weeks ago....probably around 22lb

    How are you feeling? pretty great.  Still teaching at school and at the gym and feeling pretty mobile still.  Sleep is a challenge though and what a different feeling down low when the baby is actually head down and engaged. 


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  • How far along?  36w3d

    Team pink/blue/green?  Pink

    Cravings? Mostly just super cold water and ice at this point

    Weight gain? +12

    How are you feeling?  Exhausted and uncomfortable, and want to meet my baby girl! 

  • How far along? 39w 4d

    Team pink/blue/green?pink

    Cravings?still cereal

    Weight gain? +30

    How are you feeling? I've had a stretch of pretty good days since this weekened so I can't complain right now.  Contractions continue to increase in intensity and I'm hoping that they continue so that this little girl decides to make her appearance quickly! 



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  • 38 weeks


    chocolate milk 

    more than enough weight gain for all Preggos everywhere :)

    Feeling uncomfortable and ready to be a mommy! 

    Anniversary EDD 2/13/13
  • How far along? 38w

    Team pink/blue/green? Blue

    Cravings? Just anything flavored to drink

    Weight gain? +10 as of last week

    How are you feeling? Scared, uncomfortable, ready to get this kid out!

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  • How far along? 36w2d

    Team pink/blue/green? pink

    Cravings? Nothing

    Weight gain? +15

    How are you feeling? Pretty good

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    BFP #3 9/29/2014 ~ EDD 6/12/2015
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  • How far along?  37w6d

    Team pink/blue/green?  green

    Cravings?  anything that won't give me heartburn

    Weight gain?  I have no idea.  I stopped getting on the scale in November.

    How are you feeling? Honestly - exhausted from having contractions all night, achy from the SPD, crampy, out of breath, irritable, and my boobs just started hurting in the last two days.  Emotionally I'm holding up pretty well though, I think.

  • How far along? 36w

    Team pink/blue/green? Green

    Cravings? No.

    Weight gain? +6, four lbs in two weeks! That's the fastest growth spurt we've had!

    How are you feeling? Tired and sore, emotionally I'm pretty mellow. I kind of wish I was excited about something (well, I am excited about baby but s/he can stay in there for another two weeks at least) but I feel pretty apathetic to everything except common annoyances and the cleanliness level of my apt. DH can't stop throwing his clothes on the floor clean or dirty and he left a stack of movies and his shoes out last night, now he's a t work and I have to pick it all p and put it away! I don't even want to look at the kitchen.

    He did make me tea and breakfast in bed this morning so I can't be too angry with him but really? Don't we learn to pickup after ourselves at a young age? I've put up with it for almost ten years so I have to conclude that hormones are making me this upset about it now!

    Zip it!


    I decided on a bare belly pic this am... GIGANTOR! Big Smile



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  • How far along? 38w3d

    Team pink/blue/green? pink

    Cravings? soda and ice cold water, any cold beverages really

    Weight gain? +11

    How are you feeling? Physically, sore and really exhausted. Mentally, very cranky and jealous of all the new babies. I want her to bake as much as she needs to but it's so hard to be patient when my sister who is a week ahead of me already had her baby and she's BEAUTIFUL

  • How far along? 39 weeks, 1 day. 

    Team pink/blue/green? Pink

    Cravings? Fruit juice

    Weight gain? 25, I think. 

    How are you feeling? Soooo ready to deliver. Our first gal came at 38 weeks, so being this pregnant is weird to me. 



  • How far along? 39w5d

    Team pink/blue/green? PINK

    Cravings? It varies from day to day...certain cereals, chinese food, crab cakes, fries...

    Weight gain? 49 lbs :( 

    How are you feeling? Feeling uncomfortable most of the time, especially at night. And TIRED!

  • How far along? 35w1d

    Team pink/blue/green?  Blue

    Cravings? today.... loaded tato skins from Rally's  the commercial made them look awesome and now I need to try them.

    Weight gain? +6

    How are you feeling? exhausted and stretched out



    Married 9/26/09 BFP #1 12/09 Blighted Ovum 12/23/09 D&C 1/10 BFP#2 5/1/10 DS born 12/18/10 38wks 10 lbs 1 oz BFP #3 6/25/12 EDD 3/5/13 RCS DS2 born 2-22-13 38wks 8 lbs 4 oz

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  • Bump Burp- Double Post

    Married 9/26/09 BFP #1 12/09 Blighted Ovum 12/23/09 D&C 1/10 BFP#2 5/1/10 DS born 12/18/10 38wks 10 lbs 1 oz BFP #3 6/25/12 EDD 3/5/13 RCS DS2 born 2-22-13 38wks 8 lbs 4 oz

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  • How far along?  37w2d

    Team?  Blue

    Cravings?  Blueberries and milk!!

    Weight gain? +22

    How are you feeling?  Tired (sleep has not been my friend lately!!) but other than that really good!!!

    Picture is from Sunday @ 36w6d.

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  • How far along? 39 wks 4 days

    Team pink/blue/green? Blue... Caleb

    Cravings? Right this minute.. ice cream

    Weight gain? 44

    How are you feeling? Ready to meet my baby boy!
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  • How far along?  39 weeks, 2 days.  The pic was on Friday at 38 weeks 5 days, but I still look about the same :)

    Team pink/blue/green?  Pink

    Cravings?  All food seems kind of repulsive.  Except milkshakes.

    Weight gain?  About 25

    How are you feeling?  My back hurts, my hips hurt, I can't sleep.  But not terrible.  Definitely ready to be done, though.


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  • How far along?  37 weeks today

    Team?  Blue

    Cravings?  I didn't think I had any until I realized that it must be carbs.  I want bagels and donuts and cakes and anything that is horrifically bad for me!

    Weight gain? after a 4 pound loss from last week (which followed a 7 pound gain!), I am up a total of about 37 pounds.

    How are you feeling?  It depends on the day.  Weekends, I'm great, just tired.  Week days, I'm pretty miserable, but I attribute it to a long a** commute and being stuck at my desk all day.  I have a good deal of back pain (see commute) and I am exhausted from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed (see peeing 4-6 times a night).  I'm trying to stay positive, but the exhaustion makes it REALLY hard!!!

    No photo because I left my phone at home today.  Oops.



  • How far along? 38wk 3 days

    Team pink/blue/green? pink

    Cravings? still sugar and chocolate

    Weight gain? 37 and I'm getting sad about it. It's all in my face, my arms are chubby, and I think I'm finally getting stretchmarks.

    How are you feeling? stretched, uncomfortable, tired, and cranky

    No pic today.
  • How far along? 37w6d

    Team pink/blue/green? Blue

    Cravings? Nothing specific but ate way too much of my mom's homemade mac & cheese this week!

    Weight gain? 40ish (thanks to aforementioned mac & cheese)

    How are you feeling? Ready to hold my little man in my arms! ;-)




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  • How far along? 36 weeks and 4 days

    Team pink/blue/green? Blue! William Flynn

    Cravings? Nada.  Food is the devil.  Every time I eat I feel ill. Baby is pushing on my stomach all day everyday.

    Weight gain? 24lbs.

    How are you feeling? Puffy and done.  Now that everything is finished I am prepared, but he isnt.  Still breech and high.  Not dialated at all. Ugh.

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