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Do you volunteer?

I have always had full intentions of finding a cause to volunteer my services to.  I was always "to busy" or "going to call" blah blah blah... you know excuses excuses.

Since i've had my daughter I have really been trying to be the kind of mom that she can look up to, and say " That's my MOM ".  So, it's time that I pursue dreams and goals i've had.

I am now a volunteer at the SPCA of my county.  I will spend 2 days a week feeding, bathing, walking, playing with and loving animals that have no one to love them.  I am super excited to make a difference the best way I know how. 

What kind of volunteer work do you do?


What kind of volunteer work would you like to do?









Re: Do you volunteer?

  • I used to volunteer as a crisis line responder, someday I want to go back to that.
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  • Animal wellness is near and dear to my heart, so I commend you! I'm sad to say it, but I don't volunteer for anything. At all. I don't even give blood because it scares me a little. And I seriously beat myself up for it (my husband and I work full time.)

    But, I donate money when I can't donate time, and that lessens my social guilt some. I leave cat food at our local shelter pretty frequently.

    It always restores my faith in humanity when I hear about people volunteering.


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  • I used to volunteer at the Humane Society of my county. I loved taking care of the dogs nobody ever came to see. I would love to get back there and hopefully when DS is older I can take him too!
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  • I haven't done any volunteer work in awhile. I used to volunteer in the cat room at a no-kill shelter while I was in college. It led to my adoption of a cat and a dog. I didn't want a house full of pets so I had to stop. I do still donate money to them from time to time, as well as donate to the leukemia & lymphoma foundation and a few foundations for breast cancer research.

  • The main place I volunteer is a horseback riding for the Handicapped facility. It is for children age 3-18 that have some sort of handicap. I do this once a week for about 5 months. Interested to see how it will go this year with DD now. Then I also do some work at the Food Bank sorting food, a county park planting flowers and picking up trash and with the Salvation Army in December to help with their Treasures for Children program.


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  • I once played bingo with old people at a home, and helped set up a fundraiser. Now that I'm working for Disney I'd like to get into volunteer work. They do a LOT for the community.

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  • That is awesome. Unfortunately, I had to stop volunteering once DD was born.

    I used to go on house building trips to Bilixi, MS, I tutored a 16 year old boy for the last 4 years and I served breakfast at this awesome place called Inspiration Cafe. I miss it all. I hope to get back into it when she gets older.
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  • The next house we're getting has land. I'd like to be a foster family for animals mainly dogs. It helps them to be placed better because you knot their temperment, etc. I think DD would need to be older though.

    Edited to add that currently I do short term things throug my work. We painted a shelter, do highway cleaning, and I do a lot of events to educate and introduce girls to engineering.
  • I spend my Sunday's volunteering at my church whether it be leading worship or working in the nursery. We have ton of things we do in the community as well.
  • I'm a pro bono child advocate. I represent kids in the system when they need someone on their side.  Right now I have two cases and I'd like to think they balance out my karma from representing big bad insurance companies :-] 

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  • i used to volunteer with a couple local churches who got together and opened their doors to the local homeless population a couple nights a month.  we'd serve dinner and then the people would spend the night, get showers etc.

    DH and i stopped when i got pregnant the first time, not wanting me to be around the illnesses that were brought in, much less the possiblity of issues due to the drug problems (they were always nice, and rarely had a problem, but there were plenty of people with major dependancy issues there).  that and we didn't belong to any of the churches who were part of the program and it got weird having to explain every time that no, we didn't belong to the hosting church but were just there to help.

    still looking for a new opportunity.

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  • My DH and I try to take food to the Ronald McDonald house once a year. And Im not sure if this counts or not but I've been working on starting a non profit that should be up and running by the end of February 
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  • I have volunteered at church for years. I can't even count how long.  This past year I have started working with special needs children at church. I am Catholic so I help prepare them to do their First Reconciliation and to recieve the First Communion. 

    I volunteered once at a camp for children with cancer and their families. I would love to be able to do that again.

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  • My company is very philanthropic and I participate in tons of our activities. Making Christmas wreaths with senior citizens, stuffing backpacks, sending care packages to Afghanistan... All sorts of things.

    Besides that, we donate to Any Soldier and several breast cancer research foundations. I'd love to get involved with big brothers/big sisters.



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  • I have volunteered with a special needs man for 15 years now.  He was shaken as a baby and is basically a 3 year old in a 40 year olds body.  He was living in the group home my mom works at and she suggested I volunteer.  It is a program where you get a special needs buddy and you go out and do things with them.  

    Some things I would do with him are take him to movies, coffee, take him trick or treating, have him at my birthday party, take him to hockey games.  I don't take him out now that I have moved away but still send him cards. I know they will just end up in his nose but he likes knowing that he got something from me.  Every time he sees my mom he asks about me and he says I am at school, it is sweet.

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  • First off, that is such a great thing you are doing.  I am a true animal lover and want to look into doing this now :)

    When needed I volunteer at the VFW for their bingo nights.  It's so much fun!  A lot of the veterans just like to talk to someone and they are all so sweet.  My mom actually got me into it.  For their big events she volunteers to cook and serve them. 

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