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TMI - Life getting better!

My DD was born in Nov 20th via forceps. The Dr. that delivered her just wanted to go home and one hour into pushing literally ripped her out of my body! 

Needless to say he caused A LOT of damage to me (internal tear to the bone kind of damage). Any ways since then I've been angry about my birth experience (I guess I got what was coming to because before my little one I thought it was insane for people to be upset about stuff like that when they had a perfectly health baby). I also lost all feeling in my bladder and the ability to stop the flow of urine. Basically, I've been living life in fear of peeing myself (I'm still a full time student so I'm not just at home healing). 

Long story short = 1. yesterday my dr put me on an anti-depression medication and i'm feeling good about that decision. 2. Two weeks ago I started seeing a pevic floor physio therapist. 3. Today the very expensive (100 a session) physio started paying off (I cut the flow of my own pee while going to the bathroom!)

Ok so I know that was ALL TMI but I wish more new moms would have told me about hard recovery could be. So I thought I would talk about my experience.


I hope things keep going on this upward swing! :D


How have all of you been recovering?    


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Re: TMI - Life getting better!

  • Oh my gosh - hugs to you for having to endure that kind of birth, as well as such a painful recovery!  But glad to read that you are actually getting somewhere with the therapy :)

    My own birth was just fine and dandy - and the epidural worked great for my contractions and vag (though I could still feel a bit), but dear lordi my pelvis!  I thought there was something wrong, because it literally felt like someone had stuck their hands into my belly button, and began pulling them apart (I literally screamed, crying and thinking that my DS must be trapped, or worse, dying!)

    My OB explained that what I probably felt was him going down the birth canal, and that I either tore/pulled or stretched cartilage or ligaments D:  She also told me that it could take 3 to 6 months PP for me to fully recover! (and if not by then, I'd have to see a physical therapist too)  Needless to say, there was only so much exercising I could do initially, with what felt like a broken pelvis (I could walk and sit, but if I moved my legs to much or certain way, I just wanted to crawl the rest of the day!).  I spent the first month PP taking tylenol and ibuprofen for pain (every day).

    But I am SUPER HAPPY to report that my DS is almost three months and I have just the slightest discomfort left (again, only when I move certain ways).  So hey, if this keeps up, maybe I can finally work on getting rid of the other half of the baby weight still stuck on me! 


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  • Not to sound dramatic, but I would totally be writing in a complaint about your delivery doctor.  It's one thing if the forceps were medically necessary, but it sounds like they weren't and the doctor was obviously way to rough on you and your baby to cause that kind of damage.  He should not get away with that or ever do that to anyone else.  

    Just my opinion :)  I'm glad you are starting to make progress though!

  • I did call my hospital complaints line. They said the would follow up but that they cant tell me the out come of my complaint. The only other option is to call the college of physicians but seeing as I can't prove it was medically unnecessary its kinda my word against his :( .... Oh well at least I called the hospital and did my part in documenting my concerns. If it stops him from doing it to another girl i'm happy 
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  • I'm so sorry you had a bad experience and I'm glad to hear that slowly but surely your body is beginning to repair. Good for you for complaining even when we don't know the outcome, that's such an important thing to do and I think they typically take those things seriously.
    I've had a very smooth recovery, but my tailbone is still tender. My OB said that it could take up to 4 months and if at that point it's still not better that I will get Xrays and might benefit from PT. I don't think it's that bad, I've learned how to shift my weight so as to not bother it too much.
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