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Wonderful Pom

In case you're a POM lady.... Costo has a 60 oz of POM for 8.99! oh yes!
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me:32 my wife:31/ married in June '12/
began testing with RE in Aug'12- results low AMH, failed clomid challenge
began DHEA, supplement regimin, gave up gluten and started acupuncture
IUI#1 Jan1 = Beta: 5 c/p
IUI#2 Jan 31 = BFN
switch RE's and retest, numbers still too low
change game plan dramatically to reciprocal IVF using my wife's eggs
began BC April 3/ ER 5/14, 12R, 9M,8F/ ET 5/19 2 blasts = BFN
8/4 DE cycle - transfer of 2 BA 6 cell embies fertilized after thaw Beta 8/16 = BFN
On to my DW's body for an IUI; trigger 9/11, IUI 9/13 = BFN
DW IUI #2 trigger 12/11, 3 follies on 12/12 at 30, 26 and 25, IUI 12/13 =BFN
DW IUI #3 trigger 1/8, femara=1 follie, IUI 1/10 =BFN
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PAIF/ SAIF always welcome

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