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Sex after baby

I know the doctors said no sex until 6 weeks but my 6 week follow-up appt isn't until 7 1/2 we have to wait until my appt for sex? Any of you out there not waiting until 6 weeks?...I had a c-section and have felt good enough to want to have sex since 2 weeks post partum. Also what are everyone's plans for birth control? I discussed the "mini" pill with my ob/gyn at hospital, has anyone been kn this in the past. Thanks!

Re: Sex after baby

  • Had csection myself; saw Dr the other day, everything is healing well. She still wants intercourse to wait until after the 8 weeks is up.

    Have taken mini pill in past ... was effective for me at preventing pregnancy however one must take it at same time every day, gained weight when on it, but at the same time was inactive and was not portion controlling. As with any pill, not effective for the first month.
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  • Ya I was pretty sure after a c-section you need to wait 8 weeks. I would call your dr to be sure.
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  • My follow up with doctor after csection was four weeks after csection and I was cleared for sex. I think it depends on your doctor.

    Re: birth control, we are going to use condoms since we want to TTC when LO is one. However, I did ask what my options were and doc told me about a spermicidal cream that is 95 effective that is similar in method to monastat. May be another option if you don't want to do a pill.
  • I'd just wait the week to be sure.  It's a week.

    I was on the minipill after my second.  The only side effect was having my third ;)

  • Vaginal birth with 2nd degree tearing here... I'm at 6 weeks this week and DH is very eager to start rolling in the sheets again but I am actually dreading it =( I keep using my still healing stitches to hold him off but if the doc gives me the green light I'll have a hard time saying no, even though its the last thing in the world i want to do.

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  • I would wait to have sex again. Even though you "feel" like you're ready, your body may not internally be able to handle it.
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  • I'm 4 weeks out not even thinking about it. My incision has a hole in it still, from a seroma so not sexy!!
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  • I had a c section and a great recovery. My dr said 30 days for sex. No pain for me. You know your body better than anyone! 
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  • I had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery for both my babies.  The first one, I had a 2nd degree tear, and waited until right at 6 weeks.  No problems.  This time, no tearing and bleeding stopped by 4 weeks, so we did it at around 4 1/2 weeks.  My 6 week appt with my midwife is next Wednesday.  I intended to wait until then, but...well, we didn't.  And it hasn't been an issue.  But if you're wondering or have any concerns, you should definitely ask your doctor or mw.

    I'll get Mirena at 8 weeks pp (my OB likes to wait until then). 

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  • image 18Emily:
    I had a c section and a great recovery. My dr said 30 days for sex. No pain for me. You know your body better than anyone! 

    So, did you know when your uterus was healed? Just because there isn't blood doesn't mean it's ready for sex, which can cause an infection, if not healed completely yet. And then you'll be out of sex for even longer...


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  • We waited 3 to 4 weeks after the births of our kids. I had natural births and never tore. As long as you are no longer bleeding, you are healed.
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