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Third tri tired is a whole new monster!

Twice in the last week or so, I've been so tired that I've actually been on the verge of tears!  I frequently needed a nap in the first tri, but I never felt like this!  I really enjoyed the energy that came back in the 2nd tri, but it looks like those days are slowly coming to an end.  I was so tired this afternoon that just picking out a spaghetti sauce at the grocery store felt overwhelming, haha.  Anyone else losing their energy again?

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Re: Third tri tired is a whole new monster!

  • Yes and it makes me want to Crying
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  • I am!  I never felt a huge rush of energy in 2nd tri but didn't need naps so I considered it an improvement.  Yesterday the pet store in town was out of our cat food so I had to drive another 20 minutes to the next store and burst into tears because I was exhausted at the thought of it.  Just going to work and getting home pretty much does me for in the last week or so.  Scared of what the next 12 weeks will bring...

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  • YES!! Have felt like crying several times the past few days
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  • I'm soo tired then when I should go to sleep at night I can't fall asleep! :(
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    I'm soo tired then when I should go to sleep at night I can't fall asleep! :

    This! Or I fight the afternoon naps..guess I should listen to my body and take them. I've been a wreck the last week and sadly cry at the drop of a dime.
  • Not only tired but I feel funky....like first tri funky. Nausea and all. 
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  • Yes! I took a two hour nap yesterday, slept for 9 hours last night, and still took a three hour nap today. No matter how much rest I get, I am still so tired!


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  • I went back to the doctor to see if my anemia was worse because I have been so tired. It turns out, no anemia. I guess it is just third trimester.
  • Yep.  Carrying around DD feels like some monumental workout, and by 9pm I'm zonked.  But I'm sleeping terribly at night, so I can't even seem to catch up on rest!  I have an apt Friday, I suspect they'll check iron levels - I hope its not that as those extra supplements are no bueno for staying regular.

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  • I cried sunday because i have so much to do at the house but i have no flippin energy... Crying

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  • I have been tired and worn out since day one. My midwife had warned me that being AMA (gosh I hate that term) I would have a harder time this time around. She was so right. I have taken naps all along. The weekends I am pretty useless. I am at work from 730-5 and I get hom about 530 and put my pjs on and lay on my couch. I feel so lazy it sucks.
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  • Yes, it's so hard to stay awake and concentrate during the day.

    Once I get home from work, I have absolutely no energy to do anything. All I want to do is plop right in bed and not wake up until the next day. Ugh.

    I know I'm going to end up being a trillion times more tired once LO arrives, ugh I don't know how I'm gonna do it..

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  • Yup. I was so frustrated with how awful I still felt during second tri b/c I know third tri is only going to get worse. Sigh. And It's my busy season at work right up until 37 weeks. I normally work 60 hours/week this time of year. I don't know how I'm going to get it all done.
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  • I'm not quite there yet but I hear ya! My energy is diminishing by the day and of course, it seems to coincide with my 18 month old having increasing energy by the day. 3.5 more months...3.5 more months...
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  • I felt really good during the second tri but yep, energy levels are waning again. The alarm went off at 7 AM this morning (I was in bed before 11) and I just wanted to crush the clock with a sledgehammer. I did afternoon naps during a lot of the first tri and it looks like they're baaaaack! The only plus is that it still feels really good to get out for a nice long walk with the dogs every morning. (I used to do a PM walk too, but that fell by the wayside long ago.)
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  • I definitely feel like I could sleep all day again.
    I'm just lucky DD sleeps from 9pm to 11am. I get at least 10 hours at night.
    But, this medicine and the 3rd trimester approaching me..I want to sleep by 2/3pm all over again.
    No nesting has started either, I wonder if anything will ever get done.
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