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~ **Monday Pity Party/B!tchfest** ~

I know there's a LOT of illness going around right now. I hope you and your family are all feeling well, but if you're crummy for ANY reason, vent away!
Micah Leonard
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Re: ~ **Monday Pity Party/B!tchfest** ~

  • We just found out one of our offices is closing... and heard teams will be moving down to an office in another city. We're not sure if we are one of those teams. I've been wanting to find a new job anyway, so this would be motivation to do so... no way I'm doing at least a 90 minute commute each way every day!
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  • DH and I have both been alternately "unwell" for a few weeks. He was badgering me for sexy-time last week so I manned up and made sure I was, if not in the mood at least willing and expecting to follow through on Friday night. Friday night and Saturday were, as a result, pretty good.

    Unfortunately now I am feeling much better and much more in the mood and DH shot me down when I came onto him on Sunday. (I sound like a perv...but we had a long dry spell and I thought DH would be happy since he kept bothering me about it.)

    Now I just feel crappy because I feel like he doesn't really want ME...just sex.

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  • The Bi!tch AF showed up this weekend, I had to reschedule my pap today since she is still flowing. For the second time, Gah! I'm tired of these 19-20 day cycles on the darn mini pill! Im done this month with it for good now.
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  • Yes....illness all around.  We got back from Wisconsin on the 31st of Dec....and since then C has had fever/cough and then she had vomit and blow out's gallore....she is STILL blowing out on a daily basis, but I chalk that up to teething at this point....she just broke thru her 5th tooth and #6 is right there.  I just got over a real nasty cold only for it to follow up with vomit/diarrehea.  DH is just starting that whole stomach bug thing.  The only one fairing thru all this is DD #1.....I PRAY TO GOD she stays healthy.  I'm not sure how on earth she's managed it so far, but I hope it continues.

    And, on another note, my boss just told me that her brother-in-law just died over the weekend from the flu...he was 50 something......so the flu season is the PITZ! 

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  • Over the holidays everyone was sick but me. Well now my throat has been killing me since Friday afternoon. I started sneezing today so I think it's just a cold. I had procrastinated my flu shot and was going to get it TODAY. Of course now I can't since I don't feel well.

    Other than that, I am just freaking tired and want to curl up in bed.

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • I think we are FINALLY finished with illness, except J continues to have loose poop, and I can't tell if it's from what I'm eating, or what he is eating!
  • More of a lurker but need to get this out because if I vent to DH it will make him feel worse...

    our house is on the market and we have a showing tomorrow. My husband started his new job (yea!) last week which means I'm home alone M-F working full time an hour away. I have to do day care pick up & drop off. Our new house will not be ready until late may. My period started for the first time since before having DD (she's 9mo) over the weekend. And to top it all off, I've been having serious nipple pain (nursing only morning and evening now) which was diagnosed as a bleb by a lactation consultant and OB. This was New Year's Eve.  2 weeks later I'm still in pain, been treated for thrush but I think I have an infection of some sort. I took my 2nd diflucan this morning so I'm giving it until Thursday then making some more phone calls...grrrrrr  

    thanks for listening if you made it this far... 

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  • Found out today that in addition to Julia's flu, she also has an ear infection. With all of that and then some gunk/puss that has been coming out of her eyes in the last week or so - she is now on THREE prescriptions... tamiflu, amox. for the ear infection, and then some eye drops.

    I spent most of my day "off" with her today attempting to administer all of these various drugs...!

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