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Wedding Rings: Off or On?

I wanted to do a poll on this, but for some reason, my computer won't open the tab.  Grr.

Anyway, are your wedding rings off or on at this point?  Mine are still on, but really should be off.  I am trying to keep them on for the rest of this pregnancy (only 3 weeks and 3 days left until my scheduled c-section), but I don't think I'll make it.

I was able to keep my rings on for my prior two pregnancies.  Oh, and just before getting pregnant, I lost 28 pounds, so that tells you how swollen my fingers are! 

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Re: Wedding Rings: Off or On?

  • Mine have been off and I've been wearing them on a chain around my neck since around month 5. I am not horribly swollen, just had a scare once and had to use olive oil and decided then to keep them off for the rest of the pregnancy and a precaution.
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  • Mine have been completely off since 28 weeks.  I wear them around my neck. This is when my hands started to puff and I didn't want to risk having to cut them off.

    I could still get them on until about 31 weeks but now they won't go on very far!

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  • I took mine off to clean around 30 weeks and they wouldn't go back on, so I gave up. I bought a cheap silver ring when we went to Mexico last year that was a few sizes too big so I've been wearing that when I feel like I "should" wear a ring, but that's getting tight too.
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  • I am absolutely tickled pink to still have my rings on.  My rings are small (size 4) and I had such horrible edema with Jack that I had to take them off at 20 weeks.  I think I might make it all the way through this pregnancy without having to take them off!  
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  • Mine have been off for a very long time now.  I can't even remember when I wore them last.  They were a bit tight to begin with and my hands have been swollen almost the entire pregnancy.  I miss them. 
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  • Wedding ring on, engagement ring off.  Under normal circumstances my fingers swell in the summer and shrink in the winter, so my engagement ring is a bit smaller than my wedding ring - I usually wear them both in the winter and more often than not only wear the wedding ring in the summer.  Swelling hasn't been too bad with my pregnancy, but it's just enough to make the engagement ring uncomfortable. Stick out tongue

  • Off since last week (week 32). They were a little small to begin with, so I'm hoping they'll fit after this is all over.

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  • still on! thankfully my feet are the only things that are really swollen.


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  • On because I can't get them off. 
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  • Mine still fit, but they're off because I kept checking to make sure they weren't stuck. It wasn't worth the anxiety! LOL!
  • Mine were tight before I got pregnant, so I haven't worn them in months. 
  • Off and have been for about 8 weeks.
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  • Mine are still on.  I take them off every night when I sleep, and they aren't difficult to get on or off yet.
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  • They've been off since about 31 weeks. It made me so sad to stop wearing them. My fingers are now so swollen that I can only get the rings about 1/3 of the way on. I'm so looking forward to wearing them again after the babies arrive!

    Any STMs who can give us an idea of how quickly the swelling goes down afterwards?

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  • Wedding and engagement are off but anniversary ring is still on. I made it to 35w but my wedding ring is wide and gets hard to get off easily, I didn't want to have to get them cut off.
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  • I'm so thrilled mine are still on! Not only are they still on, but when my hands get really cold they still threaten to fall off they get so loose :) Stupid thing to be so excited about, but they were def. off by this point in my last pregnancy and I ended up having to have them permanantly resized a half a size bigger about 3 mos post partum
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  • Rings came off a couple weeks ago.
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  • image lemonadepink:
    Mine are still on. nbsp;I take them off every night when I sleep, and they aren't difficult to get on or off yet.

    This I have no problem getting mine on and off.
  • I'm so sad that mine have been off since about week 27 and are now safely tucked away in a safe deposit box. I can't wait for this swelling to go away so I can wear them again!
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  • Mine are still on. Luckily I have never had to remove them for a pregnancy. 

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  • Wedding band on, engagement ring off.  But like last pregnancy - its not because my actually fingers are swollen - its my knuckles that are swollen.  Weird. 
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  • I had my rings cleaned for Christmas and when I went back to the jeweler to get them the attendant thought it would be fun for her to guess if they would still fit....they did, but it was a little difficult to get them on. I decided that it was not worth the discomfort to wear them. At least when the swelling goes down I will have nice clean rings to wear :)
  • Mine are still on but they are getting a little bit tough to get off in the evening.  I have another ring that is slightly larger that my husband and I bough on a trip to Maui two years ago.  It is just sterling silver but I will probably switch to that one pretty soon here.



  • Can't remember the last time I wore mine.  Though I'm wearing a ring that is almost as special to make me feel less "naked"
  • Mine are still on at 34 weeks:) YAY! 
  • Mine were still spinning, and loose enough to slip on and off easily, and then one night last week (35) I suddenly couldn't get them off. I think it was because I'd been laying on the couch and propping myself up with that hand right before I went to take them off... But it freaked me out enough that I decided it wasn't worth it.

    I'm wearing a larger, silver ring now instead. Maybe I'm just used to my rings being on the bigger, spinning side. 

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  • Mine have been off for the last few weeks. I could still get them on and off at that point, but it was getting difficult and my OB was like "take them off while you still can, lol". Fortunately, I have a pretty birthstone ring that my Mom gave me that is usually a bit loose on me and it fits my ring finger perfectly! I've been using that, and leaving my wedding rings in my jewelry case. I wore them around my neck w/ DD, but it always made me (and DH) nervous that the chain or clasp would break for some reason and I would lose them. 


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  • I had to take mine off last week :( ...they still fit, but TIGHT! So I was scared...we are doing maternity photos in two weeks though, so I'm hoping to grease up my finger and get them on for that haha! 


  • I can still take mine on and off...unfortunately I get random bouts of eczema from the gold, and I think the pregnancy has made it worse, so I've been going without, trying to heal my poor finger.

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  • Still on, nothing swollen. Wore them entire pg last time too!
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