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Getting more comfortable with this pregnancy!

We are 10 weeks and 2 days and had our 2nd Ultrasound yesterday.  It's crazy to see how much the baby has grown.  We get to keep our EDD of Aug 1.  The heartbeat went from 130 at our 7 week ultrasound to 18 at yesterdays.  

 The pregnancy symptoms (mainly  nausea) is slowly but surely decreasing. The only issue i have now is a bruised-feeling left arm from where they took some blood and gave me a flu shot (ouch).  

I'm so excited for this pregnancy and for all you ladies who are going through this with me! We're almost there ladies!! 2nd trimester, here we come!

Re: Getting more comfortable with this pregnancy!

  • That is so great! I have an appointment on the 14th and if all goes well I think I'll finally let myself believe that this is really happening! I'm due at the beginning of August as well and counting down the days until second tri where I can eat again. My morning sickness went away last time at about 13 weeks so I'm hoping for that again!


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  • Hi ladies,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am due August 9th. This is my first pregnancy so seems to be coming along slowly : we have our second ultra sound on Tuesday... Can't wait to see the HB. Our first US we could see very minimal as it was quite early. Looking forward to being able to relate to other people at the same stages as me :
  • I'm due August 9th! I'm 9 weeks and 2 days and experiencing morning sickness bad.. I will have another us when I get back home to MS! MY husband is stationed in CO with active duty in the army. Ready to leave for home on the 7th and check on our baby soon after! Good luck ladies!
  • That's so great!

    I'm hoping that the same will be true for us after our u/s on Monday.

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  • Well gal's, keep us updated on the Ultrasound.  Hope all get to see/hear the heartbeat soon.  It's so crazy to see the little heart just thumping away.  Also, so weird seeing the baby practically dancing in there, and me not being able to feel a thing.  I know that it's small, but still just odd to know
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