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Two Month Vaccines

Gracie was born on Halloween, so she's 2 months now and has hers tomorrow morning. I feel so bad for her! 

 Who's had these already?  

If you have, did you give tylenol before or after? :( :( :( 

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Re: Two Month Vaccines

  • I was told with DS1 not to give Tylenol before because it can lower the vaccines efficiency.  
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  • We got them yesterday.  4 shots, one oral.  We didn't doo tylenol until early evening which was about 5 hours afterwards.  He slept a good 3 1/2 hours after the shots.

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  • H got his yesterday. He got three shots and one oral vaccine. They had two nurses and gave him all the shots at once which was nice. I admit I cried a bit when he started screaming, but it was also my first day back to work so I was extra emotional.

    We didn't do any Tylenol as he never had a fever or was too terribly fussy.
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  • Noah had his a few ago. I gave tylenol about an hour after shots and a couple more times that day. He didn't have a fever but I could tell his legs hurt. He would cry when you moved his legs or changed his diaper and was so pitiful. Being a preemie he had scrawny legs. Fortunately this only lasted a day.
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  • LO got his today. It was 3 shots and 1 oral. He screamed for a little while which is expected. I made sure to feed him before because I heard sometimes they don't eat much for the rest of the day. Also I made sure to have a bottle with me to help him calm down. We didn't give him Tylenol before, Dr askedus not to. But, I did give him some about 2 hours after. He seems to be a little fussy but still smiling at his mommy.

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  • We had ours on the 27th. Only 3--- 2 shots and one oral. My little guy did great. Definitely sleepy that day, but no need for any Tylenol at all. 

    Good luck. Sometimes I think it is worse for us than them! 

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  • My lo was born on 10/24 and we had ours on the 27th. I was told only to give Tylenol only if there is fever. But about three houes after thw shots she was so irritable and screaming, I gave her half of the dose and she was fine.
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  • We got ours on the 2nd. He cried for 5 minutes. I held him and kissed him. And he was fine. Ate when we got home and slept peacefully. Wasnt even sore at the injection site.
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  • we got them yesterday at 11am. It was my first day back at work so DH took his visiting MIL to the appt.  At 5 I came home to an unhappy baby so I went out and got some Tylenol. She was fine after that.


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  • I never gave medicine before shots with LO1, why give medicine if you aren't sure they even need it?
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  • Our pedi does it at 6 weeks instead of 2 months. She had 3 shots and one oral. She cried for about 5 minutes, but then she was fine. I gave her tylenol that night because she had a fever. She slept really good that night, it was nice.

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  • image weebos8:
    I was told with DS1 not to give Tylenol before because it can lower the vaccines efficiency.  


    And I was told not to give Tylenol before because at the appointment they will check to make sure he doesn't have a fever before administering the vaccines. 

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