Breastfeeding Article: Why Doctors Can't Help (XP Aug 12)

 Great article about breastfeeding - glad to see it's getting more attention in the medical community!

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Re: Breastfeeding Article: Why Doctors Can't Help (XP Aug 12)

  • I unfortunately agree.  I have a recurring blister and the LC said latch was fine and referred me to the OB who said it was the latch or the baby and said to see the LC or pedi.  

    This board, Kellymom, and other resources have been more helpful that the "professionals" 

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  • I saw this one on my twitter feed this morning. It's so true to my experiance. The only advice anyone ever gave me was to try harder. Even my own doctor, who I love, seemed surprised that I breastfed past a year. I just medical professionals were more knowledgable. I was never discouraged from doing it, but it was always "oh, you breastfeed. That's nice."

    I'm glad that something so natural is getting more medical attention.

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  • That is why when women say "but my dr says I have to supplement/wean to take meds/am not making enough milk" I take that with a grain of salt and try to get more info and other answers.


    I wish that the bump conglomerate had not bought out and then killed it.  That website was a huge tool for breastfeeding moms, up there with kellymom in its usefulness. 


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  • Totally pedi despite being a LC with air quotes..was completely unhelpful. When DS wouldnt latch she tried to help me for 2 minutes and then said oh just work on it. I had to seek out a LC on my own who got him to latch and then a second LC to get him to latch properly as well as all the super advice from this board and my LLL. Pedi seemed totally unconcerned with the fact that I was stuggling. Im sure formula would have been the response if I hadnt figured it out.
  • I'm glad it's getting more attention too. Our pedi said LO's issues were reflux with a side of colic. I wasn't convinced. LC and I figured out it was oversupply and over active letdown. Makes sense that the Zantac wasn't helping. ;]


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  • I so agree!! My pedi was surprised I knew that an oversupply was causing green poop, and I knew enough and how to correct it.
    I so feel like she was relieved when I had to supplement with formula last time because I didn't have time to pump enough and stay sane. Maybe if she understood bfing more she wouldn't have.
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