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Monistat 3 day?

Okay I feel like I have a yeast infection I can't get in to see my OB until next week monday. I asked to see her nurse or another doctor but I supposedly can't do that for what I need to get checked out. Is monistat okay while pregnant? I'm still waiting for someone to call me back from her office and tell me what to do. This has been going on since last tuesday and It's gotten worse. I am now in pain while I shower and wipe after using the bathroom. Also this itching is driving me crazy because I don't want to touch myself to scratch. I just want to go buy some monistat and start it right now. I called my OB at 9am and have been waiting all day for their call. Im so irritated with them right now. I know they're busy but still I'm just annoyed. TIA

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Re: Monistat 3 day?

  • There was just a similar thread on this topic on 1st tri. A few docs have this on the OK list. 

    I would go with the 7 day since it's less potent, just b/c I hadn't talked to my doc yet. 

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  • my doctor recommended the 7 day and told me not to use the 3 day.
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  • I used the 3 day but had to take 2 courses a 7-days apart to beat it.  My OB just told me to take something OTC and that is what the pharmacist recommended and it worked well for me.  Good Luck.
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  • My OB said I should use Monistat 7. I have used it twice already.
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  • I was told to use the 7 day.
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  • Thanks ladies. A nurse finally called me back and she said to use Clotrimozole 1%. I'm not sure if it's the same thing as monistat or not but it is over the counter so i'm going to get that right now. Well my SO is out so he's brining it home. Now that I think about it I remember using monistat in my first pregnancy but I was told something else in my second pregnancy. I did have a different OB the first time around though.
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  • I am prone to yeast infections! My OB said it was ok to use either Canesten or Monistat but go for the 7 day treatment. IT works better and isnt as strong.  Also to use the cream not the pills. I find canesten works best to stop the itching right away, monistat burned a bit but that might have just been me.  
  • The 3 and 7 day were on the list of safe/approved medications that my OB gave me.

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