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Bigger Busted Gals -- need bra recommendations

Hi Ladies!

So before getting KU, I was a 36D.  About two weeks ago, I had to go up to a 38E and I'm even starting to bust out of that cup size a little bit.  I was told that I should invest in a sleeper bra to prevent sagging.  I'm a novice to all of this, so I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite sleeper bra, why you like it, where I can find it, and about how much it costs? 

Ugh, I can't imagine wearing a bra 24/7!  But if it has to happen, I guess it has to happen.  Thank you, ladies!

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Re: Bigger Busted Gals -- need bra recommendations

  • I'm a 34DDD now and can tell these are starting to get a bit small.  I like to go to Dillard's and get fitted.  They measure you and find bras that work for you etc.  It's seriously the way to go. 

    I also wear a nursing sleep bra at night....I've done this since I had DS and nrused and now I'm just in the habit. 
    I LOVE the bravado bras for sleep.  It's non underwire and SUPER comfy.  Plus then it doubles for being able to use it to nurse later.  I have a medium ( I think) and I've worn it when I was a 36H (after delivery) adn when I was a 32DD and it still fits great no matter what. 

    I honestly think its better to wear a bra all the time.....but that's just me

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  • For non-maternity bras, I definitely would go to the biggest Dillards in your area and get fitted, and my favorite brand in Freya. You can get them from & Bare Necessities (also a website). Hope that helps!!! I'm a 36G (USA size, 36F in UK sizes, which Freya is) so I TOTALLY get you on the big boob issues Wink
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  • Oh wah! You both recommended Dillards and there are NONE in my area! But I'll check out the online store for the brands you two recommended.

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  • My current face daytime underwire bra is Chantelle. It's got a bit of lining which I like. 


     The bravado one I like I think is bliss

    Good luck! 


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  • I buy all my bras at Nordstom.  I'm a 36 F when I'm not breast feeding.  They are all fantastic quality.  If you don't have one near you, order them online.  Worst case you'll have to return them but it isn't the end of the world.  

     They also have the prettiest nursing bras in my opinion.

    ETA:  This is the one I slept in.  I have a couple.  I think a L would fit you just fine




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  • I second BareNecessities, mainly because I'm a weird size that's hard to find in stores (32DDD).  I love the brand Panache, and you can get a good deal.  But I never sleep in bras!  Is sagging really something I should worry about when I'm sleeping??
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  • I am a 38D pre-preg and only started to grow in the third tri.

    I also get fitted every single time I do to buy. If you try a nicer department store they will actually be able to tell you which brands fit better for your figure. Not all 38Ds are created equally, Dillards is a good one.

    For the sleeping bra, I can't sleep in a bra but I do sleep in the bra shell tank tops (Old Navy usually b/c they are cheap). They are nearly as supportive as a regular bra but help at night without being dreadfully uncomfortable!

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  • With my last pregnancy, I was a 36-38DD to start, and by 26w was measuring a 40H US.. it was RIDICULOUS!  I ended up wearing nursing sports bras because it was the only thing I could find big enough in the cup size, but the band was huge!  Now, I started at a 38DDD.. slightly terrified to see how big these bad boys get!!!

    PP's thanks for the Dillards rec!

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  • I started out at a 34DD but I actually just got a 34G in the mail today!  I found a nice DDD at Dilliards that I really liked so I just ordered a size up from Dilliards online because I knew it would fit.  The brand I got was modern movement.  They are pretty plain bras but I don't plan to be in them forever and they are super comfortable and supportive.  Before getting pregnant I never slept in a bra but I had to in the first tri because of the pain and sensitivity so now I'm used to it.  I have been wearing the Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing sleep bra from Target.  They aren't extremely supportive but they are very comfortable and keep my girls from going all over the place.  I will probably find something a little better when I'm actually breastfeeding.  I hope this helps!


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  • Fredericks of Hollywood goes up to a DDD/E.

    I personally order mine online from a store based out of london. Bravissimo. Im a 36H though Indifferent. They are AMAZING and they also selll sexy nighties, supportive sleepwear and swimsuits.



    **Edit** didn't read through responses before posting, the brands mentioned by other posters, (freya, panche are awesome they are some of the brands offered by the bravissimo store I mentioned.) Basically Bravissimo did all the research and offers the best most supposrtive brands for large ladies (D-KKcup) all in one place!

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