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Tracking Ovulation

Hi everyone,


I'm new to the bump and had questions about tracking your ovulation. I've just been using an iPhone app that allows me to track the number of days and my cycle and possible ovulation date. If we don't have luck this month, December will be our 6 month of trying.

 Has tracking BBT and using OPK made a huge difference for anyone?  

Thank you for any advise!!  

Re: Tracking Ovulation

  • I have irregular cycles and tracking my BBT and using OPKs has made all the difference. No BFP yet, but its really helping me to understand my body and know what to expect with each cycle. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I swear by Fertility Friend as well. It is a website ( and it also has an app that keeps track of everything you could want! It's very accurate as well. The majority of the ladies who are charting on here use FF. By combining BBT, OPKs and other body signs like you cervical mucus can help you to pin your O date exactly. It's really great.

    GL and ask lots of questions until you get the hang of it! 

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  • Thank you for the advise! I appreciate it!!
  • I haven't started BBT yet, but I have used OPKs.  What I did was use the iPhone app to get a rough idea of my O date and would use the OPK a couple of days before that time frame to pinpoint when I should O.  Many people on here swear by BBT.

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  • Check out Fertility Friend.  It's a great way to track you cycle and temps.  It makes all the difference to time sex for your most fertile days.  OPKs and tracking CM can only add more information to help you pinpoint O.


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  • Thank you! I checked my cycle using an app on my phone and several other sites. I did check out Fertility Friend and it told me that exact same dates for when i sound have been ovulating. 


    For tracking with the temp, can you using a regular digital thermo or do you HAVE to get the BBT thermometer?  

  • I stopped using birth control at the end of august, and had my first menstrual period starting in oct, and now we're expecting in July!

    tracking everything using fertility friend was a great benefit for me, and clearly worked :) FF is super user friendly as well, so you can go from knowing nothing to knowing everything about ovulation lol I loved it.

    Also, I just used a regular digital thermometer, it goes to 0.1 and that worked fine for me :)

  • So just for fun I started tracking my temperature the last 2 days and yesterday it was 99.3! I felt fine (not sick or anything) but had some cramps (AF isn't due until the 10th either) which I have had pretty much since Saturday the 24th. 


    Today I checked my temp and it was 98.0. Like I said I JUST started tracking this and know that you can't make any assumptions off of 2 days worth of temps. But 99.3 seemed high! Has this spike happened to anyone else?  

  • newbie here myself, so helpful to read through others' Q&A, so much to learn about FF, BBT, OPK and charting, i hope to be as comfortable with these terms as you all some day soon!
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