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Almost 8 months and still not rolling....

Evie will be 8 months on the 22nd, and she will not roll from her back to her belly.  The only time she will roll is if I put her on her belly, then she will roll to her back.  She sits unassisted, and if she's on her belly she will scoot in a circle.  I know this has been a concern with a few on the board, I have talked to the pedi, but because she is right on track with everything else he is not concerned.   She babbles a lot, makes eye contact, laughs, uses fine motor skills by pinching things like Puffs and puts them in her mouth.  I just don't know why she is not rolling!  I try often to get her to do it, but it ends with her getting upset.

Oh yeah.........we are still not STTN either!

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Re: Almost 8 months and still not rolling....

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