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No big deal . . .

But I shot a birth today! I was able to make it! I received a phone call this morning at 5:00am and hurried down to the hospital. The mama is a friend of mine who was attempting hypnobirth at 42w. She was able to fight off an induction until 2 weeks overdue, until the ultrasound at 41w6d revealed low fluids for her LO.

Thankfully the morning of her scheduled induction she was admitted already in early labor. She was admitted at around 10:00am, but didn't progress past 1 1/2 until around 12:00am this morning. She ultimately avoided pitocin all together and when I was called at 5:00am she was at a 6. 

My friends, she was the absolute picture of tranquility and didn't make a noise until she was complete. Her doula and I were shocked she went through transition so quietly and that the nurse just matter of factly said, "Whenever you're ready, you can push."

She listened to her body and pushing did take awhile, but slow pushing allows your body to prep and the baby to prep.

They didn't find out the sex, but at 8:36am they welcomed their first baby, a boy . . . who is still unnamed!

I don't want to post an image, as I didn't ask her permission for TB, but you can find them on my facebook page. Simply: LeahFontainePhotography following facebook.com.

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