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Blocked tear duct


My baby is 10 days old and has blocked tear ducts.  Do any of you mamas have experience with this?  How long does it take to go away?  I have been washing his eyes with clean cloths a few times a day, massaging the ducts, and putting breast milk on them.  Any other remedies?  Thanks!! 

Re: Blocked tear duct

  • My little man had it when he was a few days old. It went away in like 2 weeks.
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  • DD has it in her left eye and has had it since birth, I have been doing the massage and she still has it.  It just gets all goopy.  The Pedi gave a prescrip for some drops but those are mainly to keep infection out, and she hasnt needed them yet.  Does anything happen when you massage the duct?


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  • DS had one for about the first three weeks. The pedi gave us an ointment that you have to massage on his eye and it helped a lot.
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  • You are doing all the same things I was told to do, sometimes it just takes time.  DD still gets a little goopy!
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  • My LO has had it since he was a week old. It mostly cleared up after about 2 weeks. He is 7.5 weeks old now and there are still some days where his eye has lots of boogers. We just keep it clean and massage it. By the next day it's usually better.
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  • My baby girl had this happen too.  Use a clean wash cloth with a little warm water and Johnson's baby shampoo and clean it from near the nose to the outside of the eye.  Keep doing what you are doing with massaging the tear duct, too.  It does go away after a bit.  My family doc told me about using the baby shampoo (you just need to run your finger across the top of the lid, using very little) to help keep the area clean. 
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