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Running Momma Check-in (sorry I'm late...)

Hey Ladies!

sorry I have been kind of MIA.  School (work) has been super busy.  Anyways, how is the running going?  Our posters have dwindled, but I know we still have a lot of runners out there!

Two questions/running comments for the week:

Has anyone purchased a support belt?  I'm thinking of going to Motherhood after work tomorrow to buy one. A friend who ran through her last pregnancy told me the ones they carry there are good.  Hopefully they aren't too expensive!

Has anyone purchased/registered for (or does anyone have) a jogging stroller?  DH is a Baby Jogger rep, so we are getting the F.I.T.  A fellow runner suggested that whatever we get, make sure it as a swivel wheel in the front.  He said it was much easier for maneuvering.  

I have my 1/2 marathon on Sunday!  The plan is to rn 5 miles, walk 1, repeat, then run the last 1.1. I'll let y'all know how it goes!  Anyone else getting in some fall races?  

Happy running ladies! 

Re: Running Momma Check-in (sorry I'm late...)

  • I think it's been a while since I posted.  My running is still going really well. I have felt great for a couple of weeks now.  That being said, there are still some days that I'm pretty sore afterwards. It's mostly my pelvis and some achy RLP, but nothing too bad.  Most of my runs hover around 3 miles but time has been pretty steady the last month or so. It will be interesting to see how well I can stick with my runs when it gets too cold out and I have to use the treadmill.  :(

     I haven't looked into a support belt yet and probably won't. I'm thinking if I get to the point that I feel like I need a belt, I may just hang up my running shoes until after the baby.

    My mom got a used jeep jogging stroller that's in pretty good condition, so I'm hoping to use that once this little girl is old enough to go along.  :) 


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  • Good luck with your half!

    I haven't looked into a belt, but I think I need one.  After long runs the RLP is excruciating and I think it would help.

    Running has been getting harder.  I'm having a hard time with muscle cramps in my legs, and it is incredibly frustrating.  I got in a decent number of miles last week, two 5 milers, a 3 miler and a 10.5 miler.  Today I couldn't even make it a mile before my legs were killing me.  I really hope my body can hold out a few more weeks.  My half is Oct. 20th.

  • Wow! Best of luck with your half! :)

    I've never thought to get a belt - I ran all through my last pregnancy (well..more like a very slow jog toward the end) and never needed one. 

    I have the bumbleride indie and do love it but it's not a true jogging stroller, so if you're doing more than 10 miles a week, you'll wear it out like I did. Bumbleride replaced the frame though, so that was pretty amazing customer service. I'm getting the BOB duallie this round.  

    I'm getting a 3 mile run in every other day. Pushing the jogging stroller, hills are getting hard and my hips are getting a bit jello-ish. 

  • I bought a support belt - this one from Amazon:



    So far, I really like it!  Not only for actual belly/back support - it also helps to keep your pants up if you're doing the "rubberband trick" :)  If you read through reviews, they advise to buy one size up than the company's sizing recommends.  Even though I fall within the weight range for a size Small, I went ahead and got a Medium.  I'm currently on the tightest hook for it and it offers the perfect amt. of support; as I get bigger, I can change to the middle/last hook as needed.


    Best of luck with your half!  I'm afraid I'm one of the running mamas that sort of dwindled away.  The bladder control issue while running just got too hard :) So nowadays I'm contenting myself with daily AM/PM resistance workouts, and walking every other day or so - not the same, but I guess it'll have to do for now.

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  • I've still been getting my runs in - but they're shorter, slower, and involve a lot more walking than previously.. Which doesn't bother me as much as I expected it to! (I used to be soooooo OCD about getting long runs in / improving pace, etc.)


    We registered for the City Jogger Summit.. BBB recommended it over the BOB since it has room for a taller child, so we figured it might last a little longer, since DH is so tall! 

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I apologize for checking in for the first time at this point. I was so good at keeping up with the Bump for DS, but things are crazier this time around!

    I am an assistant cross country coach, so needless to say, I have to keep up with my running. I'm still running M, W, F with the team (the most is 6 miles, the least is 3). I try and do alternative workouts on the weekend.

    I'm not training for anything at this point, although I ran a half with DS at 4 months pregnant. After that I stopped running and switched to the elliptical. I usually run a half at the end of February in Fort Worth. I'm trying to talk to my dr. about letting me walk it (since I will have a c-section some time around Feb. 5).

    Running is getting more difficult, mainly because I have to go to the bathroom all.the.time. Even if I go before the run, I will only make it 5-10 minutes before I feel like i have to go again. Also, I notice it's harder to breathe at my usual pace. I'm sticking to a 10-minute mile these days. I don't have a belt, but if it would help with the bladder problem, I'd definitely invest. Not sure how much longer I will go. Our season ends in a few weeks, although I'd like to keep up the running a little longer.

    Y'all inspire me!!! :) Good luck!

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