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The name game!

I thought we were decided, but I guess not!

Which do you like better, and if you don't mind saying -- why?


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Re: The name game!

  • I think I like Scarlett better because I can picture it being the name of a girl or woman.  I only picture Camilla as the name of an older woman for some reason.  Just my weird reasoning...
  • Not quite sure what my reasoning, but I absolutely LOVE the name Scarlett, and it's been denied multiple times by DH, so I think somebody should use it :)
  • Scarlett seems too old lady to me and too Gone with the Wind. Camilla makes me think of a young innocent girl in a book who's polite and good mannered as well as being the most helpful person in the story.
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  • i know 2 cute Scarlett's! go for it!
  • I voted on the Baby Names board, but I'll also comment here. Scarlett sounds harsh to me. I think it's the hard "c" and "t" sounds combined. I can't think of any cute nn's for Scarlett, but there are some for Camilla (Cammie, Millie, etc.). If nn's don't matter to you, I guess it's not an issue, but I much prefer Camilla over Scarlett. It is much prettier IMO.
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  • I almost voted Camilla, but changed to Scarlett. You just don't see that name very often anymore and it's so pretty. 

    I actually had a Camilla in my class last year, and I still have a Camille in my class this year. I don't dislike the names, but I will say I was always forgetting whether their names were Camille or Camilla, lol. That could be because I had them at the same time (in separate classes). 



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  • I like the nn Cami, so Camilla is my choice.  One of my options was Camille, for the same reason, but H nixed it.

  • I like the nns Cami and Millie and I think Camilla is classic. Scarlett is nice too, I've known a couple of Scarletts and they were nice. I've never known a Camilla though I've known of them so to me the name is less common. I just like Camilla better. Maybe its the harsh sounds theory or the sweet, helpful heroine theory like PPs suggested but I just prefer Camilla...
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  • I like Scarlett a lot!  We have been considering using it as a middle name.
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  • I voted Scarlett - it's pretty & has personality, while Camilla makes me think prim, proper, mild-mannered & like others said, older. However, if you were considering Camille instead, it would make a difference. It's still kinda prim & proper, but I'm partial to it because I have a relative with that name. I do like that you can shorten it to Cami...
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  • I voted for Scarlett because Camilla reminds me of the annoying girl on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I realize this is a ridiculous reason, but is still nonetheless, my reason.
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