Groin pain

I recently started having groin pain, and it hurts ALL the time! Anyone else have this? Tips for relief? I don't remember having this with my daughter
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Re: Groin pain

  • I've had it since about 24 weeks. It has gotten worse - to the point now that I can't walk without holding onto something! What helped me was taking a bath and resting as much as I can. It is a little easier to walk after I take a bath so I have been taking one daily! 
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  • Yes, that is how I feel! Walking is terrible! Not sure how I'm going to make it till the end if I'm already this uncomfortable...I now understand why people have their docs sign them out of work around this time :)
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  • I had it!  I used a prenatal cradle (support belt) and it helped a lot.  Sort of lifted my belly a bit so there wasn't so much pressure on my groin.
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  • I could have wrote this same thing a couple weeks ago! It just started out of nowhere and stayed for a long time, but the good news is that's it's gone away (for now). It made walking nearly impossible and I felt like a cripple any time I tried to do anything, even rolling from side to side at night. Hot baths made it better for a short time, but that's about it. I tried stretches but that didn't seem to help me. Hopefully it goes away for you. GL!


  • I got a support band and felt almost immediate relief!
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  • I'm going to have to try a support band because it is so painful I want to cry when I walk. I'm trying to stay active & keep working, but I don't know how much more I can take before I ask the Doc. to put me on bed rest so I don't have to move. Even switching sides while sleeping or sitting up hurts bad. I didn't have this with my first & I seriously thought there might be a problem with me or the baby.
  • I asked my Dr about this and she said it was normal but idk, it doesn't feel very normal to me to be in pain all the time. It doesn't happen when I'm sitting but its really painful to get, walk, bending to sit down. And when i switch sides in bed it feels like I'm being stabbed. I wish there was some relief! :(
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    The only "cure" is delivery unfortunately. I felt like someone kicked me with a steel toe boot down there - it hurt SO bad. And like ghores13 said, rolling over in bed was the.worst. I had to hold my breath to do it. An ice pack wrapped in a face cloth helped a lot when it got to be unbearable.
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  • I had to get a support belt and it has helped a lot. The pain really sucks and I hope the belt can give you some relief.
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