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Might "unlike" Mom pages on FB

Recently I've felt like I want to unlike all the "mom" pages on Facebook. Too much info, ideas and good deals in stuff that I don't need. Anyone else want to "cut loose" from FB or Pinterest but feel as though they might miss something?
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Re: Might "unlike" Mom pages on FB

  • I pared Facebook way down.  It was more like I thought I would miss out on friends info, but really who cares about people I haven't talked to in 15 years? So now I have like 20 friends instead of 200. 
  • Funny reading this bc I think I just spent the last 45 min. on pinterest pinning. Lucklily I dont do it everyday. But yes, I feel that information overload that you are describing. I like you, probably want to read up on everything, get good deals,etc. but sometimes you need to take a step back. Now I know why there is not enough minutes, hours in a day.
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  • And I don't even have a pinterest  acct. I just see what others share on Facebook. Will pair down my "likes" this weekend. None of us need yet another time suck. Ha.
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  • There are a lot of Mom blogs.  Everyone has an opinion and it can get overwhelming.  Trust your instincts first, then resort to other opinions.
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