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The Closers weekly check-in (week of 8/27/12)

Good morning, ladies!! I hope we all had fabulous weekends and are feeling great! :)

Question of the week: Are you nesting yet? Do you have the urge to clean and organize everything in sight?

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Re: The Closers weekly check-in (week of 8/27/12)

  • I would say that the nesting urge has not hit me yet. I did organize my son's room yesterday but it was amazingly cluttered and messy. I don't think this hit me until the end of the third trimester last time around.
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  • I'm starting to get to the point of wanting to nest, but with a toddler under foot I'm having trouble finding the time to actually do anything.
    We are getting new floors in the 1st floor. I'm super excited to get rid of the carpet that's totally cheap and trashed and put in laminate. 
    We're also working on DD's room.  But won't do much if anything for the nursery since we ended up cosleeping and then bed sharing till DD was a year, and plan to do so again
  • No nesting for me yet. I'm thinking it will happen further down the road. Right now I hate cleaning!

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  • I am certainly not nesting. I'm too lazy to do anything! I did finally empty the nursery closet and get it painted over the weekend.  I think the only reason I did that was because my mom kept asking if I had done anything. I'll be glad when the nesting kicks in...maybe I'll get something done then!
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  • I'm doing well. Just got back from a 10 day vacation out east. Feel nice and relaxed!

    Funny you mention nesting cuz I just finished cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, wiping down the counters. And all this after I helped my DH drive to our broken down pick up truck to get it towed, and picked up a package that had come in the mail. I feel so productive today! I'm definitely having way more energy. And all I want to do is get this house ready for the baby BEFORE I am unable to help at all! We've mapped out a "to do list" for the next two months on all the little projects that we HAVE to get done pre-baby. The goal is to have them all done by the end of October.

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  • Not really. I do really want to start preparing though. Because I will have 2u2, I want/need to have everything ready before the baby comes home. I didn't have anything ready for DD, but it was fine, bc she was my only child at that time.
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  • Hello!

    No nesting yet- I still have no energy and only occasionally have days without nausea, so I'm still curled up in bed all day. I'm sure DH is looking forward to the nesting stage ;) 

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  • I was nesting a little, but whenever I get going I get worn out so fast. I am almost halfway there and I have yet to get a 2nd trimester energy boost that I keep hearing about. I am tired and exhausted and out of breath at all times :( I'd love to be a crazy nesting lady since we have so much packing to do.


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  • Hi Smashdance and fellow Closers!

    I have the urge to deep clean the apartment about twice a week (not that I always do it). More than anything, I want to go through our things and get rid of stuff we don't need, but I really can't find anything more to get rid of. So yes, I feel like I am really feathering the next right now. :-) 

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  • I am always in nesting mode, pregnant or not. LOL. We have finally started to do some work around the house to be able to move the playroom into the living room so we can turn the playroom into LO#2's room.
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  • I think I'm with zona on the lack of energy yet.  I'm sure it doesn't help that in the last week, I came down with a cold.  I've been exhausted.

    As far as nesting goes, I'm certainly getting there.  Pinterest isn't helping. Found a blog where this lady shows you how she organized her kitchen, and I desperately want to get containers and attack our kitchen!
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  • I've (we've) definitely started nesting. This past weekend was completely spent by nailing down a color scheme, furniture, bedding and paint! We havent actually ordered anything yet or painted, but its progress. We still have a long time... On one hand I dont want to rush it, but on the other hand...IS IT JANUARY YET?? I can't wait to meet my baby girl :)

  • I think it's kicked in a bit for DH and I. We did some cleaning and organizing this past weekend and now I want to go through all my kitchen cabinets and closets and get rid of stuff we don't need. We also need to rent a cleaner and do our carpets, they look so dingy and gross and i can't stand it. I also can't wait to move my craft room into our other spare room to make it into the nursery. We're going to wait until we find out what we're having before we do that and get some other stuff done before hand.

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  • No - have not had the nesting urge yet.
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  • Most days - no, I have no desire to clean whatsoever. However, I did get randomly motivated one day and took apart the twin bed in our small guest room to make room for the full size that's going in there instead. I was only able to get as far as taking out the twin and moving the full mattress before I realized I wasn't able to move the rest by myself. That was a nice mess for DH to come home to. :)
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  • Yes and no.
    A few weeks ago, I went though our entire apartment and purged everything "extra" that was in the way and that we weren't using, and I found some ways to save space... I eliminated the entire desk/office area in our living room and moved the computer set up over where the TV is, and plugged it in to use the TV as the monitor.  We only have a small two bedroom apartment with no opportunity to upsize for at least another year, so space is at a premium.  For now, we still have an extra guest double bed set up in the baby's room, but only until after the shower.  We will keep the mattress and set it up in the living room if we ever have overnight guests who can't afford a hotel room (we can't afford to get a pull-out couch right now either).

    Because I've been off work, I've been cleaning and tidying a little more than usual out of pure boredom, but I don't get the urge to organize everything, or repaint or redecorate everything.  We have already started decorating the nursery, but that's it.

  • Hi - nope, no nesting yet but that is because our house is underway with major renovations and we're living in a temporary apartment. We only move back in in December, but everything will be shiny and new just for LO. 

    But in the mean time I've started doing making a quilt for his bed, and I've bought cute vinyl stickers of farm animals for the walls. 

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  • I've been slightly more into organizing, but like a PP said, I get so tired by the afternoons and after work that I haven't done much. I think DH has caught a little of it though. I came home yesterday to find him in the basement going through all the mess in our storage space and clearing things out :)
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