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Nightly Braxton-Hicks

Ok so I have a question.  This is my first pregnancy and i'm 38weeks pregs.  Every night around 130-2ish, I am woken up by horrible braxton-hicks contractions and then I can't go back to sleep.  This has been going on consistently for the past two weeks, although it has gotten worse over the past week.  Why is this happening?! I get BH during the day as well, but they seem to be worse at night.  Any suggestions as to what is going on??

Re: Nightly Braxton-Hicks

  • I thought I was having BH's but when I went to my last appoinment MW told me that BH are not painful and when she checked me I was effaced and dialated.  They could be real contractions...not that labor is iminent but I would call the Dr.
  • Generally speaking, your body produces higher levels of oxytocin during the evening, which would make your BH more uncomfortable; not always the case for everyone, but that is what my midwife told me.
  • I have the same thing, but no solution.
    Have you had internal checks yet? I have my first one tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'm making any progress.

    Here's to hoping these practice contractions make labor a breeze wishful thinking.
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  • I often get contractions or something similar to contractions at night if I try and move or roll over in my sleep and try and use my ab muscles like I would if I wasnt prego instead or fully waking up to change position.  When I do that I get woke up with what I assume is a contraction (FTM so who knows)  Some times they last up to ten mins or so but then stop.  They are a bit painful but I haven't been too concerned about them. Maybe this is what is happening to you?
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  • I've definitely been getting them more frequently, mostly at night. Mine aren't wicked-painful or anything, but the intensity has ramped up quite a bit--to say that they're "uncomfortable" would be putting it mildly. My midwife told me that it's normal, and my body is just gearing up for the big day. 
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