Beta = Fail

A year ago today, I had a miscarriage.  Now, I also get to remember it as the day my IVF #1 was a BFN!  I'm crushed!  I just don't understand how this happened when everything looked so good.  The embryologist said my two blasts were perfect!.  She even said with my age that my risk of multiples would be really high and I should be prepared for that.  Now I have nothing but a bruised stomach and a depleted savings account.  But I've decided I'm done crying about it.  Crying isn't going to make me pregnant.  We are scheduled to meet with my RE next Thursday and I'm interested to see what he'll have to say.  Then DH and I can plan what to do next.

The light at the end of our tunnel is we have 1 frostie waiting for us.  Which leads me to a question?  The embryologist told me that 50% of all frozen embros survive the thaw.  Has anyone heard of that?  Does the percent sound correct?

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3 cycles of 50mg Clomid = BFN
*New RE* Feb/Mar 2012 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
*3rd RE* April-June -Break Cycles begin prep for IVF by doing 2 Heparin injects fun!
IVF #1 - ER 7/19, ET 7/24, 2 beautiful embies transferred. Beta 8/2 = BFN
*New RE...yes again* FET Nov 2012 with our lone ranger = BFFN
RE Suggests Trying IUI Again, Jan. 2013 IUI #2 =BFN
Feb. 2013 IUI #3 = BFP!!!, Beta #1 (15dpIUI) = 90, Beta #2 (17dpIUI) = 210, U/S Scheduled for 3/18

Re: Beta = Fail

  • ((hugs)) BFNs are always so hard.

    We have had a very poor thaw rate, but I know that we are a rare case. I would say 50% is erring on the side of caution. Good luck with your FET. They are much easier than a fresh. 


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  • I am so sorry. :( Biggest hugs to you.

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    3/27/13 - After beta and u/s hell, no heartbeat ever detected. D&C at 9w1d.

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    9/12/13 - DEmbryo FET #2. Thawed and transferred two beautiful blasts
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    9/29/13 - m/c @ 5w1d. :(

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  • I just wanted to say that I am sorry and give you a (((hug)))
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    February - operative hysteroscopy
    Late April/May FET #2

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  • I'm so sorry.  It's hard to not have IVF#1 work when you have so much invested.

    I think 50% sounds low for thaw rate.  In recent years, advanced labs began using vitrification for frozen embryos.  The thaw rate for vitrified embryos is closer to 90% so you should see how yours were frozen, if you don't know already.  FWIW, the embryologist told us that our two looked better after thawing than they did in the pics from before they were frozen. 


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  • I am sorry that your first IVF was not successful, but I just wanted to wish you the best as you move forward. Hopefully, your appointment with your RE next Thursday brings you answers and a great new plan.
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    IVF with PICSI #3: ER 9/8 (11 ER/8 Mature/7 Fertilized)/ET 9/13 (2 AA blastocysts transferred) 
    Beta#1, 9/26/12: 719 Beta#2, 9/28/12: 1,436 Beta#3, 10/1/12: 3,446
    1st u/s on 10/10/12: It's Twins! We found out on 12/16/12 that we were having two BOYS!
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  • I'm so sorry. ((((HUGS))) Sad

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  • Im so sorry about your bfn. It's just not fair.
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  • Oh ksfrye, I am SO sorry. The only thing worse than bad news is more bad news. Its a terrible day, and I hope you can have a good cry. You deserve that (and OH so much more!) The bruised soul, the bruised savings, the bruised body... its just awful. I hope that your doctor has some ideas for you at you WTF next Thursday. 

    Its great that you have a frostie there. 50% sounds very cautious on his part. I think that the thaw rate is a good bit higher, but I am not so studied on that. I've never had one.

    With such perfect blasts, it still does happen that they are not sound enough to survive. Doctors only know what they can see for the 5 days they have the embryos. Perhaps he will order some karotype testing before FET. I am curious to know what he has to say.

    Sending you lots of strength, and I hope you and your husband can find a way to heal and move ahead. Hugs. 

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    Essure Procedure to treat bilateral hydrosalpinx; June 2012, wait 3 months for confirmation test.

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    IVF3-DE IVF ET on Dec 9, 2012 (decided to roll the dice no matter what!)

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  • I'm so sorry!  I haven't made it to freeze, but 50% does sound low to me.

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    IVF #1- ER 2/2; ET 2/5;-Two 8 cell embryos transfered = BFFN
    Surprise BFP - 5/7/12
    U/S on 6/8/12 - H/B at 128 BPM; U/S on 6/14/12 @ 9wks-No H/B-D&C on 6/17/12
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  • So sorry!!!! I admire your strength during this heartbreaking time. I hope your waiting embie is your rock star..keeping FX for you!!
    TTC since June 2011
    DX: DH (30) severe MFI, severely low count & low motility
    Me (32): all clear
    Appt with Urologist 5/21/12: exam, ultrasound, bloodwork all normal.
    Testicular Biopsy with TESE on 6/8/12. good sperm found! (left side only) froze sperm, failed thaw test :(
    Orientation for IVF/ICSI on 6/13/12. Waiting for the green light following biopsy results...results show adequate sperm production both sides.
    2nd SA 6/18/12: sample is "adequate for ICSI"
    Plan: IVF/ICSI July 2012!
    ER: 7/26/12. 15 eggs retrieved, all mature.
    TESE/TESA/aspiration from epididymis, no motile sperm found :(
    froze all eggs, the saga of praying for good sperm continues.
    8/3/12: 2nd opinion from MFI uro on biopsy slides. Suspects "partial late maturation arrest."
    Plan: more SAs, third biopsy/TESE with frozen back-up either from DH or DS.
    SA 8/17/12: Zero sperm
    SA 8/23/12: Zero sperm
    9/26/12: SPERM FOUND! 15 eggs thawed, 12 survived and were ICSI'd, only 3 fertilized normally. Refrozen as embies and will thaw in Nov. Please survive and grow!
    All 3 survived the thaw on 11/15/12!
    FET 11/17/12: transferred 2, one 4B, one 4C. Beta 11/30:BFFN
    moving on to DS
    DIUI#1 2/18/13,50mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta 3/4/13: BFN.
    DIUI#2 3/19/13, 50 mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta #1 (14dpiui) 4/2/13: BFP!!!! 150. Beta #2 4/4/13: 420 Beta #3 4/8/13: 2691. Beta #4 4/15/13: 15,086
    1st u/s 4/8/13 shows one gestational sac
    2nd u/s 4/15/13 shows yolk sac, fetal pole and early heartbeat
    3rd u/s 4/25/13: measuring right on track. Heart rate 148 bpm
    A/S 7/22/13: IT'S A BOY!!
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  • I am so sorry. I hope you get to move forward soon and when you are ready. 

    Me:34 PCOS, one kinked tube, low thyroid.
    DH:39 lower than average count.
    Married 2006. 3 failed IUIs and countless BFNs.
    ~IVF#1: July 2012~
    7/10 Retrieval: 16r, 14f w/ICSI. 7/15 ET: Transfered 2. 4 frosties.< Poas faint+ 4dp5dt.>
    Beta#1 (8dp5dt): 138. Beta#2 (10dp5dt): 355.
    u/s#1: (19dp5dt) 8/3/12 one sac, two yolks! Beta 8,000
    u/s#2: two strong heartbeats! EDD 4/2/12
    Boy/girl fraternal mono/di twins-- lost our sweet baby girl at 22 weeks due to SIUGR
    Preterm labor at 23 weeks 4 days, lost our sweet baby boy.
  • So sorry!  50% is a low percentage these days.  At least according to my RE.
    Me 38, DB 38. Unexplained infertility. TTC 3 years. 3 failed IUI's. IVF #1 5-20. 3 embies transferred day 3. First beta 5-31. BFN. IVF#2 ER 7-31. 3 embies transferred day 3. Beta 1=144. beta #2=527. beta#3 3027. US: 1 perfect heartbeat at 156!
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  • I'm so sorry about your BFN and that you found out today of all days. I feel like it's a total crap shoot and that sucks! At my ER I had one egg retrieved that was called "beautiful," but it failed to fertilize. So disappointing to hear positive words then have it turn out poorly. I hope your frostie not only survives the thaw but becomes your take home baby!
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    DX: MFI due to Chemo/Stem Cell Transplant for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. RE said IVF is best option with DH's frozen boys.
    IVF #1 April 2012: Menopur and Bravelle; 1 egg retrieved, 0 fertilized. Boo.
    IVF #2 August 2012: Gonal-F 300, Menopur 300. Beta #1 9/6: 382... BFPx2!

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  • Im sorry, BFN's are never easy...and especially when everything is "perfect".  I never heard 50% but I know when I had my thaw, they told me they will lose a few cells...and they did 8 cells to 6 cells.

    TTC #1 since 3/10:
    DX: Me-PCOS, retroverted/ tilted ute - DH- MFI, DH-4 mo of Clomid therapy= no improvement. Weekly HCG injections.
    Me-34, DH-33
    HSG- unsuccessful, SHSG (dialated)-no blockages
    7/11-Clomid (unmonitored) BFN,
    #1 Fresh IVF 9/11: w/ ICSI & AH (only option): (1 transfered, 8BF) = BFN!!
    #2 FET: 2 transferred (2 6BF) 12/11 = BFFN!!
    Surprise + HPT on break! 2/12 Beta 1: 6 Beta 2: <5 = c/p ( RE had given me provera... So pretty sure this ruined everything)<BR> #3 Fresh IVF 3/12: w/ ICSI & AH (2 transfered 8BF & 7BF, 1 to freeze) = BFMFN!
    New RE 5/12
    6/14 Hysteroscopy
    #4 Fresh IVF 8/12: 5dt of 2 5AB blasts = BFN!... what else is new?!?
    New RE insists its a transfer issue, immunology checked & good
    #5 IVF FET 1/13 under anesthesia : Two 5 day blasts transferred
    + HPT!! Beta1: 2315 Beta2: 6442 Beta3: 31,061
    First u/s 1/30/13: Shows 1 healthy heartbeat!!

    Was he was right? I wasted 4 IVF's and the doctors were not getting the catheter in?!?
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  • Very sorry for your BFN.  Wishing you peace and lots of luck with your appointment next week.  ((hugs))
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    IVF #1 in August 2012: BFP!
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  • (((huge hugs))) It is just so unfair...

    GL with your FET. 


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    IUIs #6-9 ~ Research Study Meds/Pregnyl/TI/IUI ~ all BFNs
    IVF Consultation, More Testing
    Diagnostic Cycle ~ Mucinex/Progesterone/TI ~ BFN
    IVF #1 ~ Menopur/Bravelle/Ganirelix/Novarel/Progesterone/Lupron
    7R, 6F // 2 transferred // 3 frosties ~ BFN
    FET #1 ~ Estrace/PIO/Lupron
    3 thawed // 2 transferred // 1 lost // no more frosties ~ BFP!!
    Beta #1 - 456 // Beta #2 - 1176 // Beta #3 - 2933 // Beta #4 - 6753
    EDD: May 16, 2013
    Threatened MC at 6w2d
    Bedrest for SCH // 6w2d through 10w1d
    Elevated TSH and Lazy Thyroid DX @ 10w - Started Synthroid
    Finally released from RE at 13w
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  • Ksfrye, I don't have any info re: frosties, but I just wanted to say that so much of what you wrote in this post resonated so deeply.  I'm so sorry for this road you have had to walk.  It isn't fair at all in so many ways.

    That said, I truly admire your strength and will to fight, and want you to know that there are others (like me) who are standing with you, and will be here when you need us. Sending you GIANT hugs, lots of love -- and hope that your frostie is a fighter too, just like you!!  :)

    Married June 2007, TTC since May 2010. Me=40, age-related infertility, DOR, low prog, low AMH. DH=37,low morph.
    IUI#1 (Dec. 2011)=BFN, IUI#2=unexpected early O=TI=BFN. Official IUI#2=BFN.
    Stims for IVF#1 started 7/6/12. ER done 7/15/12. ICSI and AH. Transferred 2 embies 7/17/12. Stick little ones, stick! Beta 7/30/12=BFN HcG less than 2.
    Surprise BFP while deciding next steps! EDD: 5/10/13
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  • So sorry, big hugs to you!!
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    Been with DH since 01/2003

    Married 07/24/2010

    Began TTC 07/2011

    4/2012 DH DX with Retrograde Ejaculation

    5/2012 1st IUI, 100mg Clomid, Only 1 Follie - BFN

    6/2012 2nd IUI, 150mg Clomid+Menopur, 18 Follies (yikes,too many!!) and Mild OHSS - Cancelled

    8/2012 Begin 1st IVF, Menopur+Bravelle+Ganirelix

    8/11/2012 ER, Holy Crap we had 31 eggs!! Developed Severe OHSS - Delayed with 10 Frosties

    9/2012 Begin 1st FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    9/13/2012 1st FET, 2 Beautiful Embies... 9/25/2012 Beta - BFN

    10/2012 Begin 2nd FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    10/26/2012 2nd FET, 2 Beautiful Embies...11/7/2012 Beta - BFP

    ...1st Beta (11/7): 251...2nd Beta (11/9): 618...3rd Beta (11/15): 5,870

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  • I'm so sorry.  :(   I do hope that you will move forward with the FET and that things go much better!  I do agree with PPs that 50% thaw survival sounds conservative.  My RE told me 95% make it out of thaw.  But it does depend on method and clinic, so ask more questions at your next visit.  GL and hugs.  

    TTC 10/11. HSG 2/12 normal. DH's SA low normal count. IUI 2/12. BFP 3/8/12. 4/26/12 missed mc. RE consult 5/17/12. IVF #1 ER 7/13/12 53R, 41M ICSIed, 32F, 8 5d, 6 6d blasts - all PGD/frozen. PGD results 1 normal M and 1 normal F, 1 maybe M. FET 9/6, transferred 1 F embie. Beta 9/15 BFN. FET#2 planned for 11/2012 put off until 2013. Surprise BFP 11/21/12!! My son was born on 7/24/13!

  • Nothing to add on the thaw rate - although form readings I did think it was around 90%.

    But HUGE hugs coming your way. So sorry about this bad news. Your strength is admirable.

    Better days ahead!

    "I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love, I"m still looking up."
    TTC #1 since August 2011 MFI Diagnosis - April 2012
    IVF #1 - July 2012 - Stims start 7/2, ER 7/12, 20 retrieved, 16 mature, 13 fertilized!
    ET - 7/17 - 1 blast transferred. Beta - 7/26 273, Beta 2 7/30 - 1143. Beta 3 8/6 - 11,597
    12/25 - Santa tells us "IT'S A GIRL!" EDD - April 4th

    Our Little Easter Bunny has arrived!

    Molly Mildred born 03/31/13

    TTC A Sibling....... FET #1 11/14/14, Transferred one beautiful blast

    Remaining four frosties arrested due to "embryologist error"

    Plllllleasssee stick little icicle.....Beta 11/23...BFN

    Starting ALL over with a fresh IVF cycle

    Stims start 11/28/14, ER December 10th, 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, only 4 fertilized 

    1 Blast Transferred on December 15th..... Beta Christmas Eve... Please Santa, bring me a baby!

  • I'm so sorry, dear. I don't get it either Sad  I hope your RE can provide some answers and ease your mind/heart. Go spoil yourself this weekend (((hugs)))
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  • Thank you ladies for your support!  I honestly don't know what I would do without all of you and without this board.  No one truly understands the physical and emotional pain that IF causes but us.  I will also ask my RE more questions about their freezing process and thaw rates.  I'm now having second thoughts about my RE all together.
    Happily married Since May 2008. TTC#1 Since May 2010.
    Me: 29, Mild DOR
    DH: 31, SE mostly normal, 1st SE morph 5%, 2nd SE morph 15%...yeah!.
    BFP July 2011, Natural MC August 2011.
    3 cycles of 50mg Clomid = BFN
    *New RE* Feb/Mar 2012 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    *3rd RE* April-June -Break Cycles begin prep for IVF by doing 2 Heparin injects fun!
    IVF #1 - ER 7/19, ET 7/24, 2 beautiful embies transferred. Beta 8/2 = BFN
    *New RE...yes again* FET Nov 2012 with our lone ranger = BFFN
    RE Suggests Trying IUI Again, Jan. 2013 IUI #2 =BFN
    Feb. 2013 IUI #3 = BFP!!!, Beta #1 (15dpIUI) = 90, Beta #2 (17dpIUI) = 210, U/S Scheduled for 3/18
  • I don't know about the frostie, but I just wanted to tell you I am so sorry, and I really admire your attitude.  Hang in there sweetie.  
    TTC #1 since 2/2011. Me: Age 36. Stage III Endo and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
    IUI #1 March: BFN, IUI #2 April: BFN.
    IVF #1: Started stims 7/30--CANCELLED.
    IVF #1.2: Stims start 10/8/12, ER: 10/20/12; 11R/8M/4F, 5DT: 10/25/12, transfer of a 4AA and 3AB Blast. BFP on HPT 10/31/12; Beta #1: (16 DPO) 954! Beta #2: (18 DPO) 1968! First U/S: TWINS!! A/S: TWO BOYS! EDD: 7/13/13
    PAIF/SAIF Always Welcome.
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  • I hate that you are having to go through this, and getting such bad news on the anniversary of your miscarriage is like salt in an open wound--completely unfair. I'm very sorry.
    me:29 DH: 30, married 5/2009 and stopped BCP, actively TTC #1 since 3/10, told "don't worry" by OBGYN 8/10 (idiot), new OBGYN and RE 7/11, HSG and all look good (slightly elevated FSH at 9.5), strict SA for DH (morphology 3%, all else good)

    Clomid 50 + trigger + TI=fail,

    Clomid 50 + trigger + TI=fail,

    Clomid 50 + trigger + IUI=fail,

    Clomid 100 + trigger + IUI= c/p,

    moving on to IVF 5/12: ER=18, 16 mature and 14 fert. with ICSI

    E2 sky high and developed moderate OHSS, did a "freeze all" on day 2

    FET 8/3/12--2 little embies, BFP 8/10/12 (7dp3dt), beta #1 (8/13)=110, beta #2 (8/15)=278

    Praying for our own little butter bean:-)

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