EPer who is missing nursing

I wish I would have stuck with nursing. EPing is going beyond well - I respond well to the pump, getting 5-6 extra ounces a day more than LO eats. I have it to where I only have to pump 6 times a day and I'm loving giving her the best nutrition. However, I miss the nursing experience. I didn't stick with it because I have a zero pain tolerance. My nips are flat and baby had such a hard time latching. If I would have kept nursing, it probably would be easier now. I tried again the other day but my baby was so confused...
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Re: EPer who is missing nursing

  • :hugs:  perhaps try again when your LO isn't very hungry, after you have already stimulated a let down (either manually or w/a pump) you have any nipple shields?
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  • I agree with pp and you could also use the pump to draw your nipples out and then offer. Maybe if you keep at it you can get her to relatch
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  • I know exactly how you feel.  I'm in the same boat...We tried everything to get him to latch with no luck.  I hate Eping. 

    How many times a day do you pump?  How much are you bottle feeding? Just curious.

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  • If you're interested, you could work to get baby latching again. It's not too late, but it's going to take more than one try.

  • I have to use the hamburger hold for my nipples, if you see a LC, you may be able to get him relatched.
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  • I have those moments too.  I start to question whether I/we really tried hard enough, whether we gave up too easily (is it giving up to EP? *snort*), if we should try again.  I've had some negative feedback about EPing and some snark and I feel guilty.

    But I know, in looking back at everything, we made the right decision.  I did try to get her to the breast again at one point, and had limited success.  DH consistently reminds me that I am minimizing the difficulty we were having, and that we made the best decision for us at the time.

    I felt better hearing that a friend had the same issue, and her second had no problems breastfeeding.  It was reassuring.  I wish I had good advice to share, but I don't.  Oly sympathy.

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