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"when are you due?"

I don't know why I get so annoyed with questions, but every day that I am at work, I have to answer the same questions 28 times...I'm a nurse, and I don't really like sharing anything personal with patients or their families...."when are you due" "is this your first" "what are you having" "do you have any names picked out"... Is anyone else sick of answering these questions over and over again!?  Some people even ask about my daycare plans or if I "had an easy pregnancy"...I want to say it's none of your business, but I just have to remember that people mean well....

Re: "when are you due?"

  • It comes with being pregnant.  
  • I hate the questions "How are you feeling?" and "How are Mommy and Baby doing today?" For some reason, those two questions grate on my nerves. Like you said, I know people mean well, but I have decided that I will never ask a pregnant lady those questions ever again.

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  • I like when people ask when I'm due.  Simple answer.  I enjoy the attention. :)  "How are you feeling?" is just polite, IMO.  I usually follow up with, "How are YOU?" and try to deflect some of the attention.

    I don't like more probing questions like "how much weight have you gained?".  And we're not sharing the names we've picked until the end that that gets sort of awkward when I repond, "oh we're tossing around a few," and they continue to press me for details.

  • I get "how are you feeling" every day a million times on my millions of trips to the bathroom at work. You know people mean well but after the 5th time each day it does get old. 
  • I'm annoyed with the question about a name. My DH and I don't have a name yet, so its an awkward answer. Especially when they then ask why I don't have a name yet. I also think its strangers when strangers ask if it is a boy or a girl. I mean, how is that information interesting or matter? But by far the most annoying thing I think is people commenting/asking if it is my first. 
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    Yes. I'm a hairstylist and I have great relationships with my clients. I'm sick of talking about myself andy pregnancy. I'm sure my coworkers are sick of hearing it too! Lol
  • I am not a big fan of attention so "How are you feeling?" - drives me nuts!!!! I also can no longer handle people saying "No baby yet?!"- really I'm 37 weeks, and yes I know I have a belly (there is a baby in there) but clearly no baby yet! This is a new one but I hate when people are now guessing when I'll go into labor... "It's going to be this day, no this or maybe this!" Last time I checked, its nothing either of us has control over so guessing doesn't help the situation. It just gets on my nerves... 
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  • Yes! I am...most people have good intentions, but it can get annoying.  I don't know how far along you are. I am due in 2 days.  The next person to ask me when I'm due or another question, I am going to say, "I'm not pregnant!" Haha! Just want to see the reaction. :)
  • I totally feel the same. I understand people mean well, but now I feel like no one ever has a non-pregnancy/baby related conversation with me. It's the same questions by strangers, when are you due, boy or girl, is it your first, any names. It doesn't matter to them, they'll probably never see me again. I think it's just a way for people to connect. Because then they can tell you about their kids and stuff. I take it for what it is, smile and make sure to be kind. My husband suggested I make a business card "Our baby BOY is due AUG 1st. It is our FIRST child and we are very excited" and just hand that to people. Haha
  • i hate the question, are you married.... like seriously is it any of your business? and then they frown on you if you tell them no. like seriously FU!!!! sorry rant over
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  • I'm mostly just sick of "How's baby doing today?"  i never know how to answer that since I don't know.  I mean, I still feel kicks so I guess baby is feeling just fine??
  • I'm sick of the questions too.  I went to Target and felt interrogated by my cashier.  She asked when I was due, how I was feeling, how the baby was, what I was having, if I was excited, if I was breastfeeding (I was purchasing nursing bras...so she could have figured that question out on her own!), and then if I was nervous.  I was so irritated that I answered her in short answers.  I'm just glad school is out because I couldn't handle the millions of questions teachers always had for me!  I love my co-workers, but they never stopped asking me the same questions!!
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  • I don't like when strangers ask what we're naming him (after I say he's a boy).

    1.) We've had the name picked out pretty much the day after we found out it's a boy but we're not telling anyone til he's born

    2.) You're a stranger, you don't necessarily know what my name and I know you don't even know what DH's name is. 

    So I respond that we have a few picked out but haven't settled on one, luckily I haven't been asked what the few are....yet anyways. 

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  • I don't mind it if I feel like chatting but when I'm working it's like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.
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    It comes with being pregnant.  

    This. We're public property. I don't mind questions like these. What I mind is when people take it a step farther wtth, "Wow, you're going to be busy with two little ones." "Are you planning to keep working?" "Have you had ___?" fill in the blank with whatever lousy pregnancy symptom or "How much have you gained?"

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  • The questions get annoying after a while, but it comes with the pregnancy. I'm on my second pregnancy and the most common comment I get is "wow your big! is there only one baby inside?" this type of comment from co-workers and strangers has really gotten to me in the past several weeks and it's been hard to respond to the comment other than just laugh it off. I'm only 5'2 and I'm all baby - not an ounce of fat anywhere else.
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  • I work in a hospital too, so I am in contact with patients and families all day too.

    I get asked all those questions, but I really don't mind.  The one that makes me feel weird is when they ask when I due and then say how I don't look that far along or I am small.  I never really know what to say back.

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  • I work with all guys and it's SO nice that they either don't care, don't remember that I'm pregnant or don't know what to say.  I worked with mostly women last time around and the questions were obnoxious "How far dilated are you" "will you let your doctor sweep your membranes"  Umm, TMI and none of your business!

    I've gotten one comment from a coworker this entire month.  His wife is pregnant with their first.  He awkwardly asked me how I was doing and gestured toward his stomach.  I said I'm fine, how are you?  He said I meant the baby, is it staying in?  Umm... yes, if she wasn't staying in at 28 weeks I wouldn't be at work?? lol.

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  • This exactly! It's almost as if people think you've lost your identity! I'm like..."Uhhh... I'm not just some host body, and I do still produce non-baby related thoughts!"
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