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Thank God!!

 I posted my intro the other day and stated that I had a m/c in April so I wasn't sure how far along I am. So my Dr has been doing betas every 72hrs since BFP to try to date the pg. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, I called to get my results from Friday's draw. The nurse calls me back and says they dropped (831 to 775)!! My heart sunk :( I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I happen to have an appt for this morning for an u/s so she said to keep that and we would go from there. So of course I hopped online and start googling slight drop in HCG levels. Most of which said m/c but I also found vanishing twin. So I thought maybe a little hope. About 10 minutes later I get a call from the OB nurse again and she said they wanted to do another draw since my draw before Friday's draw was from out of state (was on vacation). They thought maybe there was a lab error or discrepancy. So I run over and do another draw. Since it was 3pm I knew I wouldn't get the results until this morning, so I had to stress and worry for the next 18 hours!

When I gave my name to be checked in this morning at the front desk, one of the nurses was standing there and she said my name. So I said yes, well it was the nurse from the day before and she had just gotten my results from the draw. So she pulled me aside, which of course made me panic. She looked serious so I figured she was going to say they dropped, but she DIDN'T! They went up to 1238. I was SOOO relieved. 

I told my DH, who was with me and of course he says "I told you not to worry!" How do you not worry. We go back for the u/s still praying we see something. And sure enough there's a baby in there! The u/s tech measured me at 5w6d/6w but there was a HEARTBEAT! I couldn't believe it. I started to tear up. Then we got to hear it thumping away.

 We aren't out of the woods yet but definitely headed in the right direction. So they aren't really giving me a due date until the next u/s in 3 weeks since it was hard to measure today. My Dr. couldn't believe there was a heartbeat already. But there clearly was one. Off of today's measurements my EDD would be Jan 29. So it looks like I am still a Jan2013 momma! They aren't sure why the discrepancy in my betas between the two labs, but frankly I don't care. I am just relieved to have a little peanut in there!

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